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InFamous 2: Festival of Blood Release Date & Price

InFamous 2: Festival of Blood was announced last month as a digitally downloadable stand-alone game for InFamous 2. (Check out Oly’s post for more information). Yesterday, Sony revealed the release date to be October 25th in the US and October 26th in the UK. Festival of Blood will add move support to InFamous 2 and will price at $14.99, exclusively on the PlayStation Network.


inFamous 2 : Festival of Blood Announced (Update: Trailer and It Will be Standalone)

During the Sony Press conference at GamesCom this morning, Sucker Punch revealed that inFamous 2: Festival of Blood would be coming this October to the PSN. Sony is calling it a “brand new game”, but didn’t mention if it will be standalone game or require Infamous 2 to play. (UPDATE: Sony has confirmed that this will be a standalone game, meaning neither inFamous nor inFamous 2 will be needed to play.)

Festival of Blood involves a vampire invasion of New Marais. Cole MacGrath has been bitten and infected, and only has till sunrise to find and kill the head vampire.

Sony says there will be “hours” of new gameplay as well as new environments and enemies to encounter.


Official Review: inFamous 2

Back in 2009, Sucker Punch and Sony released a new IP (intellectual property) that actually surprised many, because it really was better than expected (at least in most peoples’ eyes). That title, obviously, was inFamous. It basically followed a courier who had his entire life changed after going out to deliver a package, which contained a devastating weapon called the Ray Sphere. The bomb had been timed to go off (and Cole, your character, was specifically the target). A huge explosion destroyed a number of buildings (and killing thousands of people), creating a blast crater, which had Cole at the center of the explosion.

Though mainly battling with himself through the game, thinking it was his fault, the game was different in the way that you were able to decide whether you wanted to be inFamous (a villain) or Famous (a hero) throughout certain parts of the game. Either side also had exclusive powers, and usually, the evil powers were more destructive than the good, likely because collateral damage isn’t a concern when you’re the bad guy.

Anyway, this review isn’t about inFamous. It’s about inFamous 2, the much anticipated sequel to the first title. With the solid gameplay structure and story provided by the first game, the second one really had a bit to live up to. This review aims to show whether it does or not. It’s just a long read, as I tend to go into detail in my reviews. If you want a quick summary, skip to the conclusion.

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inFAMOUS 2 Now Available for Download on PSN

The full inFAMOUS 2 game is now available for download on PSN.
“If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you can play up to 60 minutes of the full game for free as a trial and even earn in-game Trophies (Trophies will be realized after purchasing the full game). The cost for the game will be $59.99. Visit the New Releases category on PlayStation Store to download the game today! If you aren’t familiar with the inFAMOUS series, you can now also download the original inFAMOUS game for free on PSN as part of the “Welcome Back” program. For more information, please visit”
Source: Official PS Blog

Update: The file size is 15GB.


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