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InFAMOUS 2 Graphic Novel Intro

Like Wayne says on the popular early ’90s movie/SNL skit ‘Wayne’s World’, this video basically says “Let me bring you up to speed.” It’s, apparently, the intro cinematic for the upcoming game, InFAMOUS 2, which doesn’t show off any spoilers, but it, really, just gives you a recap of the first game and why you’re going down to New Marais. I’ve read a few comments about how some people didn’t care about Cole’s voice being done by another voice actor, until this video, but you be the judge of that.

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inFamous 2 Beta Will Be Extended

Sucker Punch just announced that they will extend the time for the inFamous 2 beta, due to the PSN outage. The message was posted on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

“SuckerPunchProd Sucker Punch
We’ve decided to extend the beta. Once PSN is back up we’ll determine by how long, but rest assured: your outcry has been heard.”

I’m sure other will follow suite, and/or compensate for time lost.


InFamous 2 Shows Off Some More

Sucker Punch Productions posted several images and videos over at the Official PlayStation Blog. Now they are just showing off. The gameplay and graphics are just on another level compared to the first InFamous.

I just have one question for Sucker Punch. Why? Why must you release this game on the first day of E3? Some of us are going and even those who are not, they want to spend the day catching the news!!!???!!!

Be sure to take the jump and see all of the new cool images and videos!

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New InFamous 2 Powers Trailer

With it’s June 7th release closing in, it’s no coincidence that a lot of new information about InFamous 2 is coming out. This new gameplay footage helps to showcase some of Cole’s awesome new moves (bad and good), and it also give us a hint on some story elements for upcoming title.

I think Cole is looking even cooler with his new powers and the game really looks to take a step forward in the franchise. Graphics look a lot better, melee fighting has greatly improved, and user generated content has tons of potential. What else could we ask of an exclusive PS3 title?



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