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Avalanche Studios Will Reveal a New Game at E3

Avalanche Studios, the developer behind the Just Cause series, and the more recent Renegade Ops, has told IGN at GDC, that it will be revealing one of two in production games at this years E3.

Avalanche founder Christofer Sundberg told them that the new game won’t be a sequel to Just Cause 2 or Renegade Ops, but that it “will run on a modified version of Just Cause 2’s Avalanche Engine.” This greatly dissapointed me, however also give me hope for a much better game. Just Cause 2, although cheesy cut scenes, happens to be one of my favorite games of all time. (If you haven’t tried it, I believe there is still a great demo, and it is only $19.99 on PSN right now!)
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Just Cause Game-Based Movie in the Works

A movie based on the game series “Just Cause” is currently being produced by L+E Pictures’ Adrian Askarieh and Eric Eisner, and the script is being written by Michael Ross. Adrian Askarieh is known for producing Hitman and is currently working on the upcoming Kane and Lynch movie. In an interview by Eidos, they stated that the movie will be an origin story detailing Rico’s transformation into Scorpio, and it may even be filmed in 3D. There are no details available on when it will start shooting or who will star in the movie.

We are using all the strong elements from the games to create a great “origin story” for Rico and how he transforms into the Scorpion character… The action we are going for almost demands the 3D treatment


PSN Version of Just Cause Could be Heading Our Way has identified an Art Director job posting from Avalanche studios that states “XBLA/PSN project based on an Avalanche Studios original IP.” One could only assume that this will be a version of Just Cause that will be downloaded to your PS3 in the future.

The only other possibility would be “The Hunter” which released on PC in 2009, but I assume that Just Cause is probably dead on.


Just Cause 2 easter egg: the Hatch from Lost

The hatch has been spotted on an island in Just Cause 2! As explained on the Hatch was found by Locke and was a great mystery for a long time on the show. I am huge fan of Lost and its kinda cool to see that the developers had some fun and put an interesting find in the game.

I have only played the demo but am seriously contemplating buying this game only for the sole purpose of getting as much Chaos points as possible!

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