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Just Cause 2 to get lots of DLC

Just Cause 2 will get loads of DLC according to Avalanche Studios. Giving users plenty of things to do once they finish the campaign. Lead designer Peter Johansson told Eurogamer that a lot of of DLC is planned for the game.

“Yeah, we’re going to have some fun with DLC,” beamed lead designer Peter Johansson, “but unfortunately I can’t talk about the specifics.
“We’re going to have a lot of DLC. We’ll see what happens,” he added with a grin. “DLC is important, but a game like Just Cause 2 can live pretty long because it’s not just playing through the story and being done with it – there’s the completion rating and playing with friends. That’s what we do in the office!”

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Need a Reason to Try the Just Cause 2 Demo? Watch These

This just released video shows an awesome boat stunt.


Here are some pre-order bonuses.

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Just Cause 2 Demo Available on the PS Store Today

A Just Cause 2 demo has been confirmed to be released today for at least the PS EU store, and is expected to be available on the US store as well. There is reportedly 30 mins of game play for the demo, so check it out! Source


PS3 Exclusive: Just Cause 2 YouTube Upload Walkthrough

Just so you all know, this feature is exclusive to the PS3 version of the game (I had actually posted news on this feature some time ago). It allows you to either record the last 30 seconds of gameplay with the auto-capture feature or record up to 10 mins of gameplay that you can use to either save to the PS3 HDD or upload it directly to YouTube (you’ll need a YouTube account first for that, though, but you can still put the video on a stick and upload it from the PC as well). The only question I have concerning this is are you able to extend the auto-capture if you’re so willing?

Anyway, this is definitely a cool feature, and the developers, as mentioned in the video, will feature some of the best user-made videos as well. Don’t forget, the 35 square mile demo of the game will be on the PlayStation Store as well. I wonder if that will include the capture feature…


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