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Reminder: L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass

This is just to remind you that the L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass limited-time discounted price of $9.99 PSN expires at midnight tonight. In case you need to see what you will get with it, check out our earlier post here.


Nicholson Electroplating Gets a Trailer

The upcoming DLC for LA Noire, Nicholson Electroplating (arson case), releases next week. Today, Rockstar Games has released a trailer for it, and it definitely seems pretty action packed! From what I gather from the trailer, a huge explosion happened at the factory, messing up a few city blocks, while leaving 17 people dead, and Howard Hughes, of all people, has something to do with the case. Remember, if you purchased the Rockstar Pass ($9.99), you get this DLC (as well as the other stuff and another upcoming case) for free!


Winners of the LA Noire T-Shirt Contest

Alright, so the overall consensus was that this was a fun giveaway, and I am glad that you guys enjoyed this. This was actually the first giveaway we’ve ever done like this, and it seems people would be interested in having more, so we’re going to try to do them more often (I had fun setting this one up myself).

Now, we had three shirts to give you guys, and three (well, technically four if you count Kane, who opted not to get the shirt) people have responded with the correct answer (the clues and steps will be detailed after the jump), so congratulations to the following:

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Read Our LA Noire Double Review, Find the Clues, Win a Shirt!

At long last, we finally got around to doing this quick giveaway. Unlike other giveaways, this one is a bit different as far as how to enter goes. Basically, it’s a scavenger hunt of sorts. A very small one, but one clue always leads to the next.

Anyway, we are giving away a total of three shirts (pictured on the left), all of which are Large. The first three to successfully find all the clues and follow the instructions will win them. Remember, this is open to anyone to enter, regardless of region (unless, of course, your country is weird and doesn’t allow contests).

To begin, the first clue is hidden somewhere within the review. If people have a hard time finding the clues, or we haven’t given away all the shirts, we’ll do hints every three days or so.


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