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Read Our LA Noire Double Review, Find the Clues, Win a Shirt!

At long last, we finally got around to doing this quick giveaway. Unlike other giveaways, this one is a bit different as far as how to enter goes. Basically, it’s a scavenger hunt of sorts. A very small one, but one clue always leads to the next.

Anyway, we are giving away a total of three shirts (pictured on the left), all of which are Large. The first three to successfully find all the clues and follow the instructions will win them. Remember, this is open to anyone to enter, regardless of region (unless, of course, your country is weird and doesn’t allow contests).

To begin, the first clue is hidden somewhere within the review. If people have a hard time finding the clues, or we haven’t given away all the shirts, we’ll do hints every three days or so.


Official Double Review: LA Noire

This is the first time we have ever done a double review for a title. We’ll have both reviews on the same post, but it should help give you a much broader look as to what to expect from the title if you haven’t already picked it up. Maybe, if people enjoy it, we’ll do these more often (especially if both sides have opposing views on the games).

LA Noire is one of those big name games that could use a good tearing apart to get the full picture of what the game is about and why it’s either great or a disappointment.

With that said, Baba Booey and I decided, amidst the confusion of who was going to review this, we’ll be doing a double review to have a little fun. He’s like my partner on the case (which suits the game well, as you’ll work with a partner throughout the game). Baba will start the review off with his take of the game on the first tab, and mine will follow. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it! And please, leave a comment and let us know what you think and whether or not we should do more double reviews!

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Rockstar Pass and DLC Details for L.A. Noire

Rockstar Games has announced the details of their Rockstar Pass and upcoming DLC content for L.A. Noire. All previously “pre-order only” content is now available. They also announced that two new cases will be coming this summer.

The “Nicholson Electroplating” Arson case will be released on June 21, and the “Reefer Madness” Vice case will be released on July 12. The cases will sell for $3.99 each, or you can get all the DLC by purchasing the “Rockstar Pass” for $9.99.

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L.A. Noire Pre-Order Cases, New Cases, and Rockstar Pass Coming

Rockstar games just teased us with this:
“Next week, look out for new info on downloadable content for L.A. Noire, including the release of all the retail exclusive pre-order cases and content, along with details on new cases and the Rockstar Pass.”

This has me excited, and I haven’t even finished the game yet! IMO, we need some kind of case involving the 50 golden film reels tho. The only way to find them all, is to either use a walk-through, or literally travel and walk to every possible location in the game.

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