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Limbo Contest Winners

We had 102 total entries in our Limbo giveaway. Congratulations to our 3 winners:

You codes have been sent via PM here on the site.

Here is a video of me randomly selecting the winners. LimboWinners

Make sure you read all of Ace’s review of Limbo here.


[Giveaway] Win Limbo for the PSN

I enjoyed playing Limbo more than any other recent PSN release. The game was definitely a unique experience and as Ace put it, “Limbo is a title that deserves to be played by everyone. It really is more than just a game; it’s an experience unlike anything else.” Make sure you read all of Ace’s review of Limbo here.

If you haven’t yet bought Limbo, here is your chance to own it for free!!

We have three codes to giveaway and plenty of chances to enter. Hit the jump for all the details. Good luck!

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LIMBO Review

You rise and shine in a forest, the world around you is a mix of black, gray, and white. Armed with nothing but your own courage, you must begin your extremely far-fetched journey without any knowledge of how you arrived to your current location, or where your final resting-place is. All you know is that you must face the fear of the unknown and continue onward.
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