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Yellow Dog Linux updated to v6.1

I actually don’t have Linux on my PS3 anymore, but next year I’d like to upgrade my hard drive again to a 300 GB or so and put Linux back on. While I had Linux (Ubuntu actually) I didn’t use it much. But lately I wish I did have it just for general web browsing and chatting when the wife is using the other PC. Because the PS3 web browser still needs work. Sony just put Firefox on it and call it good.

I’m not sure if I’ll go with Yellow Dog Linux or Ubuntu. Ubuntu offers more support than Yellow Dog Linux. But YDL is made specifically for the PS3. Anyway here are the primary updates to YDL, and it’s now available for download.

“For end users, Yellow Dog Linux v6.1 offers an updated Firefox and, a vastly improved graphical wireless configuration tool, and the introduction of ps3vram functionality which enables use of PS3 video RAM for temporary storage or swap.”

Yellow Dog Linux v6.1 Released


Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 is now out

Yellow Dog Linx v6.0

For those out there using Yellow Dog there is a upgrade waiting for you. I’ve tried Yellow Dog and Ubuntu so far. Right now I’m sticking with Ubuntu, just because there is more support out there if I run into problems. I’m no Linux expert, I just use it on weekends sometimes. But it’s a great option if you don’t have a primary PC in the house.

Anyway some key features of YDL v6.0 are:

Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 supports:
– Sony PS3.
– Apple PowerPC G4, G5.
– IBM System p (JS2x, 510, 520, 540).
– 802.11b Airport auto-configuration; Extreme with configuration.
– Audio on all tested machines.
– Sony PS3 Sixaxis game controller.
– Cell phone internet connections with configuration.

Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 key features:
– E17 & Gnome installed by default, KDE included.
– Gnash, the Flash work-alike.
– Ekiga VoIP, Pidgin IM/IRC, and Fluendo codec installer.
– kernel v2.6.23, gcc v4.1.1, gblic v2.5, and Eclipse v3.2.2.
– The only Linux distribution to include by default Cell SDK v3.0.
– IBM iRT (interactive raytrace) demo available via Enhanced.

Terra Soft Releases YDL v6.0 for Apple PowerPC, Sony PS3, IBM System P


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