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Little Big Planet 2: Real Life (Sackboy)

Here’s a hilarious video of sackboy in real life, watch as he sends a personalized message to Major Nelson. He also takes a hammer to a 360 controller.

Click here for full size video.


It’s the Show About Games Show: LittleBigPlanet Sketch is Amazing

This video from is a must see for LittleBigPlanet fans. Anyone who has played the game, or even just seen a commercial for it will love this. Very well done guys!!

Update: Added the youtube video so u don’t have to skip to the good stuff! 😎


LittleBigPlanet LittleBig Game Night

LittleBigPlant Game Nigt!FlaminTampon, PSN name x1Grandhustle1x, is planning on having a game night for the first LittleBigPlanet tomorrow night from 8PM CST to 10PM CST. Since LBP online only allows for up to 4 people to play on a single server, space is limited, unless we get more and some of you wouldn’t mind splitting up and playing separately from another group. After all, no one said we all had to be on the same server, right?

With that said, any future Game Nights that need points awarded, please PM me the list of players who participated, what they won, etc. and I will give them their points (assuming Tosh hasn’t done so already). I will also award those who ‘lead’ the servers extra points for helping out. Have fun!


LBP2 Demo, Beta Expansion, Etc

December is looking like a busy month for LittleBigPlanet 2. There is going to be a PSN-released standalone spin-off game called Sacboy’s Prehistoric Moves, which shows off some of the PlayStation Move controls that will be in LBP2, with a theme surrounding prehistoric times (with a boss called Evil Big Rex).

You can play with up to 4 friends, but only one person can play with the Move (so the other three will need a DS3/Sixaxis). This is a co-op, multiplayer-only title, though, and you must own a Move, and have someone else to use a regular controller. This title will be available December 14th for $5.99. If you’re a PS+ subscriber, you get it a week early, and for free!

An LBP2 Story Mode demo is scheduled to hit as well. You will have access to many of the tools in the game, including the Grapple Hook, Creatinator, Sackbots, etc. The demo will be available on the PlayStation Store on December 21st.

And finally, in the early part of December (date to be determined), more beta invites will go out to PlayStation Plus members. Not sure what the requirements will be, but given the recent track record with beta invites, I woul assume they’re going to be sending them through the PSN messaging system.



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