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Winner Of Lord of the Rings: War in the North Collectors Edition

In total we had 196 entries in this giveaway, pretty impressive numbers. Thank you to all that entered, we had some great video entries too! I think the only other giveaway that got more entries was the PS Move giveaway. I picked a winner at random and Diggitydave won! We will be contacting you later today. Keep earning those points, we have more giveaways planned!


[Giveaway] Lord of the Rings: War in the North Collectors Edition

Warner Brothers has graciously given us a Lord of the Rings: War in the North Collectors Edition to give away to one of our lucky members! This giveaway is only for those with an address in the USA or Canada due to shipping costs for such a large item.

The Collector’s Edition includes:

* The War in the North PS3 game
* Ranger of the North quiver case with Map of Middle Earth Tapestry
* War in the North Art Book
* Inside Look: The Music of War in the North BluRay. Includes interviews and footage of composer Inon Zur at Abbey Road Studios and the E3 2011 concert event. Also includes three tracks from the game as a bonus.
* Digital content: War in the North wallpaper, fonts, icons, and more.

Make sure you check out Pedro’s review of War in the North here, and then check out all the ways you can enter to win after the jump!

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[Review] Lord of the Rings : War in the North

Lord of the Rings: War in the North is a hack and slash game based on the fantasy created by J. R. R. Tolkien. This story takes place during the same period as the books (or movies), but in the game, the tale told is that of another group of adventurers. There have been many attempts to translate the rich world of LotR into video games, and many have failed. However, while still not the definitive Tolkien experience, I’ll agree with the bold statement made in the cover: “this is the best LotR game yet”.

After the movies came out (2001, 2002 and 2003), everyone started looking at this universe differently. Peter Jackson really raised the bar when giving life to Tolkien’s stories, and I was glad to see this represented in the game. Environments are rich and varied; weapons and armor also have a very unique feel to them. Character models are simple, but you’ll certainly note the resemblance of some of the known characters, like Elrond, Aragorn and Bilbo.

Effects are few, even when casting spells or using special skills, but this works out for the best because it does not get in the way of your view of the battlefield, which gets really busy at times. Textures are decent, but what really upped the visuals a bit was the lighting. Animations are the only thing that disappointed me a little bit, but only during cut scenes (and there are many), because combat looks really good and fluid.

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Lord of the Rings: War in the North Collectors Edition (Europe and Australia)

Its seems that European and Australian fans are getting a different LOTR treat this fall. EBGames Australia is taking pre-orders for the LOTR: War in the North Collector edition with a little twist on the items included. The Australian fans will be getting a Snow Troll Exclusive figurine instead of the Ranger of the North Quiver Case. The Price for this exclusive edition is $118.00 (That’s Australian Dollars and its equal to $123 U.S) as advertised on the site. The rest of the items will remain the same. As for our European fans, their price is still to be confirmed as no retailers have a listing for it.
You can check our previous post on the LOTR: War in the North CE here.
The LOTR: War in the North will be available on September 1st 2011.


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