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MAG v2.10 Details

Today, 7 December 2010, Zipper releases the 2.10 patch for their massively multiplayer first-person shooter MAG. The new patch includes some exciting features that are designed both to increase the longevity of the product (which relies on many players connected at the same time) as well as to make the experience more accessible to new players. The two biggest changes are a new “Multiqueue” mode, which when selected directs the user to the game that’s closest to launching in order to get into battle as quickly as possible. The second major change is that “currency points” (CP) post-game bonuses will be dramatically increased. CP are used to purchase weapons and gear, so this change will allow new players to acquire better gear faster. Check out the full list of new features in the next tab.

If you haven’t stuck MAG in your disc drive for a while, especially since the MAG 2.0 release a few months ago, I encourage you to give it a go. If you’re frustrated with a game that has vastly differential support for the various consoles, why not play one that was designed from the ground-up for the sort of infrastructure that our beloved console alone provides?

[tab:Release Notes]
Patch v2.10
December 7, 2010 | 50MB (TPPS), 132 MB (DLS)

Gameplay (General)

  • Implemented “Multiqueue” functionality to allow users to queue up for multiple game modes simultaneously
  • Added “Multiqueue” XP bonus modifier that increases as more modes are selected
  • Increased XP to CP-earned ratio to 1.5 CP for every 1 XP
  • Reduced price of Medical Kits to 500 CP from 800 CP
  • Teammates can no longer prevent you from repairing vehicles and objectives when in your line of sight
  • Shortened cooldown times between leadership FRAGOs to 2 seconds from 10 seconds
  • Added “friendly fire” modifier so that allies never receive more than 50% damage when hit by a friendly vehicle
  • Improved item-swap speed

Gameplay (Skills)

  • Decreased effectiveness of “Marksman Recoil Stability” and “Marksman Steady Aim” skills
  • Improved effectiveness of First Aid Kit and Medical Kit skills, “Self Heal Speed” and “Heal Recharge Rate”
  • Increased effectiveness of “Improved Smoke Screen Rate” skill


  • Slightly widened knife-swing arc


  • Enemy vehicles now show damage bar when “attacking” them with a repair kit
  • Slight presentational modifications to the “Character B” and “Character C slots”
  • Correct text now displays in the Armory when viewing the SVER Hazard helmet

Audio/ Visual

  • Acquisition Escort vehicles now have unique models for each faction
  • Improved mine-laying animation


  • Removed “Directives” button from the “Deploy” menu
  • Added “Multiqueue” button to the “Deploy” menu and sidebar areas
  • Added feature that allows users to take in-game screenshots via XMB Photo menu (1280×720)
  • Reduced chances of being randomly dropped from a “Clan Deploy” game
  • Fixed an assortment of menu-related lock-ups
  • “Clan Deploy” performance updates
  • Minor server performance enhancements
  • Fixed typo in “Chest Candy” trophy
  • Various localization updates



MAG DLC2 is Active (after a few hiccups)

The new MAG game mode, Escalation, is running properly as of Nov. 4, 2010. The DLC was released on Nov. 2, but server configuration issues prevented users from accessing the new maps. Escalation is effectively a larger-scale version of the Sabotage game mode, with the twist that it pits players from all three “armies” (PMCs) against each other. This mode supports 96 players (32v32v32). It includes three new maps and nine new weapons (three for each PMC).

Escalation retails for 10 USD, but if you are a PSN+ member or if you bought DLC1, Interdiction, on or before Oct. 28, 2010, you are eligible for a $2 discount on this new DLC. Also, the price for Interdiction has permanently dropped to $5 from $10, and PSN+ members can pick it up for $2.50 (!). Also, Zipper is offering a $15 “starter kit” that includes both DLC, a trial of the two rental character slots, six PSN avatars, and three dynamic themes. PSN+ members, though, might want to skip this pack unless you’re really into the themes and so on, as you can get both DLC for $10.50 total. [EDIT] The starter pack is also available for purchase on Amazon for $10.

Viva MAG, though the big question is, can it survive the Nov. 9, 2010 release of Call of Duty: Black Ops?


MAG/PS3 MOVE = Awesome

Here is a pretty interesting interview I found on Joystiq with Ben Jones who is the Systems and Level Designer for MAG. He talks about the integration of MAG and the PlayStation MOVE and how it takes him back to playing shooters on the PC with a Keyboard and Mouse.

Not sure how many of you have even tried the game with MOVE support, but just by watching this interview it makes me want to run out and pick up the game so I can try it out with my Nav and MOVE controller, especially now that the game is only 30 bucks.


MAG 2.0 Patch Released Today


Zipper has totally revamped the MAG experience, as those of you who have played with the beta already know. They’ve dubbed their patch “Mag 2.0,” and it releases worldwide today, September 30, 2010. Highlights of the revision include PS Move support, a totally revamped skill tree, an economy that mandates purchasing gear and weapons (rather than unlocking them with skill points), and a level cap increase from 60 to 70. Check the “New Features” tab for a complete list of changes.

There are numerous other small tweaks as well. Some of the most striking to me are that repair kits can now damage enemy objects, helicopters have more hit points (they could sometimes be all but useless as a forward spawn in the past when they were so fragile), all players can see sprinting enemies on the minimap without the need for motion tracking gear, knife reach has been decreased, respec point requirements have increased and respec points can’t be stored in reserve. For a much for complete list of changes and bug fixes, see the press release. For a list of the (beta) skill trees, see the MAG wiki.

Are you all enthusiastic about the changes? Many of them sound great to me, but I’m a little disheartened that I’ll have to “rediscover” the weapons now, as my favored weapons often change after they experience balancing tweaks (and these changes sound like more than “tweaks”!). I’d love to see some new maps and modes as well. I actually uninstalled the Interdiction DLC as it often takes such a long time to get a game put together for it. (I have a feeling that many people have uninstalled it as well.)

[tab:New Features]

Patch v2.0
Available September 30th, 2010 | 36MB (TPPS), 532MB (DLS)

Gameplay (General)

  • Character level cap has been increased from level 60
    to level 70
  • Added new “Supply Depot” menu and in-game economy
    system (see “Gameplay – Economy” section for details)
  • Implemented new “Clan Deploy” feature that allows
    Clan Leaders and Officers to deploy into group queues of up to
    128 players
  • Characters moving from MAG v1.XX to MAG 2.0 will
    receive an immediate and automatic Respec the first time they
    log in
  • Repair Kits can now inflict damage on enemy soldiers,
    vehicles and objectives
  • XP rate for “Repair” has been increased from 1.5XP/
    10pts to 3XP/ 10pts
  • Players can now track all “sprinting” enemies on the
    mini-map without the need for equipment
  • All “Damage Bar” rates for “Domination” maps have
    reverted back to their original (and identical) values
  • Tuned the frequency in which a player can jump to
    eliminate “bunny hopper” techniques
  • Reduced helicopter settle time, widened turret
    rotation and significantly increased health to strengthen their
    use as a forward spawn point
  • The “Silent Step” OIC Leadership ability now works as
    intended by allowing nearby squadmates to move at both regular
    and running speeds without detection from the motion sensor –
    does not stack with any related skills or modifiers

Gameplay – (Economy)

  • Added in-game currency known as “Currency Points
    (CP)” that is awarded for by completing objectives, earning
    ribbons, finishing missions, and killing enemies
  • All gear and weapons are now located by default or
    can be sold or purchased in the “Supply Depot” menu

Gameplay – Skills (Overall)

  • All Skills cost only one point per unlock, allowing
    players to purchase new skills with every level increase
  • Removed all gear and weapon attainment from the
    “Skills” menu, they now reside in the separate “Supply Depot”
  • Added “Engineering, Medical, Resistances, Special
    Ops,” and ‘Vehicles” meta-categories to the “Skills” menu
  • Removed “Electronics, Explosives, Heavy, Personal
    Defense,” and “Support” meta-categories from the “Skills” menu
  • Each meta-category in the “Skills” menu now has
    multi-branching paths
  • The “Advanced Grenades, Improved Resuscitation,
    Improved Shot Detection, Improved Stealth,” and “Knives
    Expanded Reach” skills have all been eliminated or rolled into
    other skills (see Skills sub-sections below for details)
  • Respec Points progression has been changed from 1K,
    2K, 3K, 3K-Repeat to 1K, 3K, 5K, 5K-Repeat
  • Respec Points can no longer be “banked” and are
    capped at the amount needed for the next Respec

Gameplay – Skills (Assault)

  • Added the following skills to the “Assault” menu:
    “Assault Swap Speed” and “Rocket Launcher Reload Speed”
  • Added three upgrade tiers to the following “Assault”
    skills: “Assault Reload Speed, Assault Rifle Steady Aim,
    Assault Swap Speed, Grenade Launcher Reload Speed,” and “Rocket
    Launcher Reload Speed”
  • “Assault Reload Speed” skill has changed and now
    decreases the reload time for all assault rifles and machine
  • “Assault Rifle Improved Stability” skill has been
    renamed to “Assault Recoil Stability” and has been changed to
    reduce the recoil on all assault rifles and machine guns
  • “Assault Swap Speed” skill has been changed and now
    decreases the amount of time it takes to swap assault rifles,
    machine guns, rocket launchers and grenade launchers

Gameplay – Skills (Marksman)

  • Added the following skills to the “Marksman” menu:
    “Increased Scope Magnification, Marksman Fire Rate, Marksman
    Recoil Stability” and “Marksman Swap Speed”
  • Added three upgrade tiers to the following “Marksman”
    skills: “Increased Scope Magnification, Marksman Fire Rate,
    Marksman Reload Speed, Marksman Recoil Stability, Marksman
    Steady Aim,” and “Marksman Swap Speed”
  • New “Increased Scope Magnification” skill increases
    the level of zoom when using a scope on a sniper rifle
  • New “Marksman Fire Rate” skill increases the rate of
    fire for all sniper rifles
  • New “Marksman Recoil Stability” skill reduces the
    amount of recoil on sniper rifles
  • New “Marksman Swap Speed” skill decreases the amount
    of time it takes to swap sniper rifles

Gameplay – Skills (Close Quarters)

  • Added the following skills to the “Close Quarters”
    menu: “Close Quarters Fire Rate, Close Quarters Swap Speed,
    Improved Knife Damage,” and “Knife Frequency”
  • Added three upgrade tiers to the following “Close
    Quarters” skills: “Close Quarters Fire Rate, Close Quarters
    Recoil Stability, Close Quarters Reload Speed, Close Quarters
    Swap Speed, Improved Knife Damage,” and “Knife Frequency”
  • “Close Quarters Improved Stability” skill has been
    renamed to “Close Quarters Recoil” stability and has been
    changed to reduced recoil on all pistols, personal defense
    weapons, submachine guns and shotguns
  • New “Close Quarters Fire Rate” skill increases the
    fire rate of all pistols, personal defense weapons, submachine
    guns and shotguns
  • New “Close Quarters Swap Speed” skill decreases the
    amount of time it takes to swap all pistols, personal defense
    weapons, submachine guns and shotguns
  • New “Improved Knife Damage” skill increases the
    amount of damage knife attacks do to enemy soldiers
  • “Knives Improved Swipe Speed” Skill has been renamed
    to Knife Frequency” skill, which decreases the time between
    knife attacks

Gameplay – Skills (Special Ops)

  • Added the following skills, all with three-tiered
    upgrades, to the “Special Ops” menu: “Extended Tracking
    Duration, Improved Acoustic Locator, Improved Explosive
    Detector, Improved Motion Tracker, Improved Sensor Jammer” and
    “Improved Suppressors”
  • New “Extended Tracking Duration” skill increases the
    amount of time a detected enemy is tracked on the mini-map and
  • New “Improved Acoustic Locator” skill increases the
    effective range of an equipped Acoustic Locator gear item
  • New “Improved Explosive Detector” skill allows a
    soldier with an Explosives Detector gear item equipped to
    approach enemy mines while prone without triggering them
  • New “Improved Motion Tracker” skill increases the
    range an equipped Motion Tracker gear item detects enemy
  • New “Improved Sensor Jammer” skill allows a soldier
    with Sensor Jammer gear items to move at a faster rate before
    being spotted by enemy Motion Trackers, as well as masking
    nearby squadmates
  • New “Improved Suppressors” skill increases the
    effectiveness of any suppressor when mounted on a weapon

Gameplay – Skills (Medical)

  • Added the following skills, all with three-tiered
    upgrades, to the “Medical” menu: “Heal Recharge Rate, Improved
    Healing, Improved Resupply Rate, Medical Kit Heal Range, Self
    Heal Speed,” and “Resuscitation”
  • New “Heal Recharge Rate” skill reduces the time
    between medical kit and first aid kit applications
  • New “Improved Resupply Rate” skill reduces the time
    it takes to refill your gear and ammo at supply points
  • New “Medical Kit Heal Range” skill increases the
    range a medical kit can heal wounded teammates
  • New “Self Heal Speed” skill decreases the time it
    takes to apply a first aid kit or medical kit when self-healing

Gameplay – Skills (Engineering)

  • Added the following skills, all with three-tiered
    upgrades, to the “Engineering” menu: “Advanced Electronics,
    Advanced Explosives, Improved Repair Kit Damage, Improved
    Repairing,” and “Mine Deploy Speed”
  • New “Advanced Electronics” skill decreases the amount
    of time it takes to take control of battlefield
    electronics-based objectives
  • New “Improved Repair Kit Damage” skill increases the
    amount of damage the repair kit does to enemy soldiers,
    vehicles and objective assets
  • New “Mine Deploy Speed” skill reduces the amount of
    time it takes to deploy anti-personnel and anti-tank mines

Gameplay – Skills (Athleticism)

  • Added the following skills to the “Athleticism” menu:
    “Increased Launcher Move Speed, Increased Move Speed,” and
    “Improved Sprint Speed”
  • Added three upgrade tiers to the following
    “Athleticism” skills: “Advanced Paratrooper, Increased
    Endurance, Increased Launcher Move Speed, Increased Move Speed,
    Improved Sprint Recovery,” and “Improved Sprint Speed”
  • New “Increased Launcher Move Speed” skill increases
    the top speed a soldier moves and aims while holding a rocket
  • New “Increased Move Speed” skill increases the top
    speed a soldier moves normally
  • New “Improved Sprint Speed” skill increases the top
    speed a soldier moves while sprinting

Gameplay – Skills (Vehicles)

  • Added the following skills, all with three-tiered
    upgrades, to the “Vehicles” menu: “Improved Smoke Screen Rate,
    Improved Turret Cooldown, Improved Vehicle Awareness, Improved
    Vehicle Impact Damage, Increased Vehicle Speed,” and “Vehicle
    Mine Resistance”
  • New “Improved Smoke Screen Rate” skill reduces the
    amount of time between smoke screens activated by the driver of
    the vehicle
  • New “Improved Turret Cooldown” skill reduces the time
    it takes for the soldier’s turret weapon to cool down after it
    has overheated
  • New “Improved Vehicle Awareness” skill makes the
    mini-map visible while a soldier is manning a vehicle or bunker
    turret and can be upgraded to add base Acoustic Locator and
    Motion Tracker functionality
  • New “Improved Vehicle Impact Damage” skill increases
    the amount of damage inflicted on enemy soldiers when impacted
    by the driver’s vehicle
  • New “Increased Vehicle Speed” skill increases the top
    speed of the vehicle the soldier is driving
  • New “Vehicle Mine Resistance” skill decreases the
    amount of damage a vehicle the soldier is driving takes from
    enemy anti-vehicle mines

Gameplay – Skills (Resistances)

  • Added the following skills, all with three-tiered
    upgrades, to the “Resistances” menu: “Chemical Damage
    Resistance, Extended Bleedout, Explosive Damage Resistance
    Flashbang Resistance, Impact Damage Resistance,” and “Increased
  • New “Extended Bleedout” skill increases the time a
    soldier can remain incapacitated before he bleeds out
  • New “Flashbang Resistance” skill decreases the
    duration a soldier is affected by flashbang grenades


  • Increased base damage on most automatic weapons by an
    average of 15%
  • Improved the spread rate of Assault Rifles and
    Submachine guns when auto-firing so that they remain accurate
  • All suppressors now reduce shooting detection range
    by half of their old default value
  • Knife tuning: Reduced range by roughly 30 centimeters
    and decreased default “facing” damage bonuses
  • Knife tuning: Changed knife attack angle so that a
    hit requires target to be closer to the center of the screen
  • Shotgun tuning: Corrected issue that prevented all
    shotguns from reloading when the player was still holding the
    “fire” button
  • Explosive tuning: Anti-personnel Mines now have a
    “line of sight” check for detonation and have been given a more
    realistic damage cone
  • Explosive tuning: Increased “Anti-tank Mine” damage
    to vehicles by 50%

Gear and Apparel

  • Explosives Detector no longer beeps when in proximity
    of a teammate’s mines — only when near an enemy’s; beep
    frequency has also been adjusted
  • Motion Tracker has been updated so that it is no
    longer based on an enemy’s speed and is now based on an enemy’s
    stance, detecting movement for all un-jammed players
  • The Sensor Jammer had been updated so that all prone
    movement by the equipped player is masked; can be enhanced with
    “Improved Sensor Jammer” skill to mask crouched movement at
    level 1, walking at level 2 and sprinting at level 3
  • Light/ Improved Light Armor base speed has been
    reduced by nearly 3%
  • Heavy/ Improved Heavy Armor base speed has been
    increased by nearly 3%
  • Light and Heavy Armor types have been given “bonus”
    modifiers when used in conjunction with “Speed” skills so that
    Light Armors receive greater benefits and Heavy Armors receive
    lesser benefits


  • Added “Community News” page to better inform players
    in-game of all MAG-related events or promotions
  • Different grenade types now show specific in-game
    icons when thrown
  • Repaired bug that would sometimes result in the
    post-game results screen displaying the incorrect amount of
    earned XP
  • Added “Total Awarded Currency Points” to “Bonuses”
    section of the character “Stats” page

Audio/ Visual

  • Thrown or launched grenades now have a “trail” effect
    as well as an updated overall appearance to make them more
    visible on the battlefield
  • Solved issue that prevented equipped grenades to
    appear in the player’s hand prior to throwing them
  • An assortment of camera and animation optimizations
    for various scenarios including but not limited to iron sight/
    laser sight zoom, ladder climbing, mine placement,
    self-healing, and weapon swapping
  • Improved presentation of the character “jump”
  • Updated various pieces of artwork with newer versions
    for better performance
  • Fixed issue that sometimes prevented medical device
    appearance and/ or animations from displaying properly
  • Increased the Sensor Array’s animation time to match
    the duration of its usage
  • Repaired bug that prevented the “Alarm” audio from
    being played when charges were planted at “Objective C” in the
    “Syr Daria Uplink” and “Darrien Network” maps
  • Slightly lowered the amount of camera shake from air
    strikes, explosions, and when firing weapons
  • Repaired camera “pop” problem that would sometimes
    occur when sprinting out of a parachute drop
  • Removed “shiny” graphics that would randomly appear
    on bridges for all maps in which a bridge is present
  • Fixed issue that prevented win/ loss voice-over from
    being played when game clock expires in “Interdiction” mode
  • Improved visual appearance of the Ribbon awards


  • MAG now fully supports the PlayStation Move
  • Fixed “Spooning Elevator” bug that allowed players
    who revived downed teammates while laying on top of them to
    float upwards and reach areas not intended to be accessed
  • “MVP” criteria no longer considers bonus XP modifiers
    in its equation
  • Repaired issue that disconnected some members of
    large-sized clans from the MAG game environment when logging in
  • Fixed issue that would sometimes halt the patching
    process at 99% of the install period
  • Resupply Depots have been optimized so that the meter
    accurately reflects what is being resupplied and the resupply
    process itself is more efficient
  • Players can no longer take the driver’s seat in
    vehicles that are not their squad’s “spawn” APC, but can take
    any other seat in the vehicle regardless if their squad “owns”
    the APC or not
  • Repaired issue with “Happy Hour” timer that would
    sometimes shave a few minutes off the correct total
  • Solved problem that sometimes caused incapacitated
    players to rotate and move around
  • Players are now prevented from spawning inside a
    helicopter that is headed out of the map
  • Mended problem that caused the “Primary Objectives
    Completed” stat to sometimes double for various game types
  • Made additional fixes for rare “game crash” scenarios
  • Various localization updates and changes



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