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Mass Effect 2 Demo on the PSN

According to a press release, a Mass Effect 2 demo will be hitting the PSN on Dec 22 for EU accounts. Others are reporting that the US will have it on the 21st, however the press release only mentions Europe.

“The Mass Effect franchise will make its first appearance on the PlayStation 3 console when Mass Effect 2 ships to retailers on January 21, 2011 in Europe. The PlayStation 3 demo of Mass Effect 2 will be available on PlayStation Network starting December 22, 2010 in Europe.”



Mass Effect 3 Trailer Straight From The VGAs

The exclusive trailers shown tonight on Spike’s Video Game Awards were coming in hard and fast. Mass Effect was previously a Xbox 360 exclusive, but with part 3, it will become available on the PS3 at launch as well. Mass Effect 2 will launch for the PS3 on January 18, 2011, and Mass Effect 3 will be available Holiday 2011.


Mass Effect 2 Gets a Release Date for the PS3

The widely popular Xbox game, Mass Effect 2, was announced to also be released on the PS3 as well as the Xbox and PC. Electronic Arts told IGN, exclusively, that the newest addition to the series will launch on the PS3 January 18, 2011 in the US and the 21st in Europe. Yes, that’s right, if you have played Mass Effect on the Xbox and found it to be a game with much potential, and heard that the second iteration would be released on the PS3 like I have, then your wait is soon over.

However, the PS3 version will not be quite the same as the Xbox version. Instead of having PS3 exclusive content, the PS3 version will include 6 hours of “bonus” missions in the form of the game’s 3 expansion packs: Kasumi: Stolen Memories, Overlord, and Lair of The Shadow Broker.

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Mass Effect 2 Hitting the PS3

WOW, Bioware just announced that Mass Effect 2 will be hitting the PS3. This is great news for people that have always wanted to try this game but couldn’t since it was only on the Xbox and the PC. The game is slated for an early release in 2011, and it’s currently priced at $39.99. Not bad that we had to wait a little but get a game for a little less.

Source [Mass Effect 2 Website]


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