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Mass Effect 3 pre-order bonus

Gamestop is offering you a fancy new gun and armor for pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 with them. Add in the collectors edition and you have yourself a fancy collection of Mass Effect goodness. The collectors edition includes the following for your $80.

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VGA 2011: Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Mass Effect 3 won most anticipated game at the VGA 2011, even beating out Diablo 3!! I would have lost that bet for sure!

Shepard mounts an attack against seemingly insurmountable odds in this trailer derived from gameplay footage for the Spike Video Game Awards 2011!
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Mass Effect 3 Delayed

This is a piece of news that’s certainly going to divide opinions.

Chris Priestly just announced at Bioware’s forum that ME3 will be delayed to Q1 2012. The motive, you ask? To take the game to the highest level possible. They have also released two new screens, which you can see at their gallery.

So what do you think, are you too anxious, or do you find the delay welcome?


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