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New Medal Of Honor Trailer

A new trailer for Medal Of Honour has been released, this one goes for the emotional angle with a voiceover from a soldier calling home to his family. None of the action looks in game but it helps to set the mood of the upcoming shooter. MOH is due 15th October (in Europe), a month before its rival Call Of Duty: Black Ops.


Medal of Honor Trailer: Experts in the application of violence

Tier One are “experts in the application of violence”, or at least what the latest Medal of Honor trailer tells us.

EA dropped its latest trailer for Medal of Honor featuring the Tier One operators aka “the new beard breed of warriors”. From the looks of the trailer we can say that there will be some sneaking up and stabbing from behind action, lots of it I presume.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

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New Images/Artwork of Medal of Honor Released

It looks like got a hold of a bunch of new shots and artwork for Medal of Honor, EA’s restart to the once popular series. It’s shaping up to look pretty good, but I’d still like to see some real-time gameplay footage.

And yes, it’s another FPS :P.
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