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Kojima Productions is Hiring New Recruits

It’s no big secret that Konami and Kojima productions are working on something big. Dubbed “Project Ogre” to be exact. While not a whole lot of information has been released to the public regarding what type of game or what type of genre it will be, we do know that Kojima Productions and Konami Corp are working on the next MGS.

According to, the company is planning to hire for this new project.
Read all about it and check out a “Classified” picture after the jump:
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The End Of Metal Gear Online

Imitation TeamworkHow many of you own Metal Gear Solid 4? Like currently; right now, sitting on your shelf, begging you to play it with weeping eyes filled with untold promises, hilarity, and putting guards into slightly-less-than-tasteful positions?

How many of you knew it comes with multiplayer? It was actually really good. It had issues, but you could arrange the bodies of sleeping real life opponents into creative positions (and if for some reason you actually found someone with a mic, they would probably be swearing at you now). The multiplayer piled on the opportunities for teamwork (nothing quite like the feeling of rescuing your bro from a hostage situation), and had a number of systems that were genuinely pioneered: SOPlink, Nonlethal weapons in multiplayer, cardboard box shenanigans, and of course: lingerie magazines. I could go on about all the reasons why we should all be playing it right now, but this next one should do it nicely

Metal Gear Online is falling victim to the Mayan prophecy.

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Why I Still Like Metal Gear Online 2+ Years Later | MGO Review Rewind

To start off, please do NOT come here just to complain about the Konami ID. I don’t want to hear it. It’s easy to create one and have the game save it for you, that way you never have to enter it again. Could they have tied it to a PSN ID? Sure, but they didn’t, so either create a Konami ID and play the game or not and miss out on a great game. If you’re having trouble updating the game, choose HTTP download and just wait for a bit. Last update took me 40 mins – 1 hour. Also make sure you forward port 5730 TCP & UDP.

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Game Night Recap Feb 15th – MGO

Last night was a spur of the moment game night. Kane112 was the only one that showed up. He even meet me in the PlayStation Home Clubhouse. We decided to play Metal Gear Online. I created a Instructor game and taught him things I’ve learned about MGO over the years. Eventually he qualified to be promoted to an MGO Instructor himself. The ceremony is pretty funny.

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