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New Patch For Metal Gear Online Incoming

Still playing Metal Gear Solid Online? If so, Konami has released a new patch for the MMO. The update adds adjustments to Drebin Points for weapons, weapon parameters, skill parameters, and skills for unique characters ( i.e Raiden and Vamp ). Player Character movement has been increased overall plus “Idle Kicks” have been implemented for Auto Matching.

Updates for the background music were also added which will include more tracks from Metal Gear Solid titles. The patch will be able to detect fraudulent network connections as well. If I didn’t trade my copy of MGS4 in I’d still be playing MGO on occassion. It’s probably for the best though, since I was pretty terrible at playing the game online.

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Metal Gear Arcade – Stereoscopic 3D / Head Tracking

This is the first Stereoscopic 3D / Head Tracking arcade game that I’m aware of. What’s cool too is that it’s a online game as well. It will arrive in arcades next week in Japan. Doubt it will ever leave Japan though, which is a shame because this looks like a blast!

This is basically a tweaked version of Metal Gear Online, which I still really enjoy to this day. I wonder if you’ll be able to do any CQC (close quarter combat), or set “traps”. If you have any friends in Japan have them try this out for us and report back. Here is the opening video for the arcade game:

Gameplay footage after the break!

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Konami ID’s Going Away

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Yes, Konami ID’s are going away. Starting with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. What about games that already use the ID? Konami has no plans to patch old games.

Most popular game to use the Konami ID is Metal Gear Online. If your letting the Konami ID stop you from even trying the game. You are missing out. Good news if there is a Metal Gear Online 2 it should be Konami ID free.

Konami ID’s to Be Scrapped

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MGS4 Surprise Week / Metal Gear Online Updates & Free Bikinis

MGO has been updated to 1.33, it has a lot of bug fixes you can see the whole list here. It says “Damage for direct throws has been tuned.” Wonder if that means you can’t knock them out with one throw anymore with CQC-EX. Then the automatic CQC counter will only work if CQC’ed from the front. I prefer that actually, CQC-EX was to overpowered.

All this week Konami will have surprises for the one year anniversary of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. First surprise is free bikinis for those that have purchased the GENE expansion pack. Video of that in action below.

Another new surprise is a new stage, called the Icebound Inferno, which is also known as the “MGS4’s windy blizzard Shadow Moses stage.” Sounds like a great stage, I gotta try that. Then it seems like Snake will be selectable in more ways.

MGO Snow Stage

Wonder what other surprises Konami will have this week.



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