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Metal Gear Online Race Mission & Patriot Feature

These new updates are available to everyone, not just those who purchased SCENE. There will be a new game mode called Race Mission, which goes live on May 12th. Details are below:

Race Mission

This mode pits two teams against each other, with the Blue Team searching for and protecting the KEROTAN target, and the Red Team searching for and protecting the GA-KO target. Each time a team passes a check point with its target in hand, a new checkpoint will be generated. If a team drops its target and the target is not retrieved within a set period of time, the target’s position will be reset and the checkpoint will change.

Sounds fun to me, but it will depend how well your team helps protect the carrier of the KEROTAN/GA-KO. This mode will force teamwork that’s for sure, which is good. The other new feature is called the “Patriot” which is available to all players, starting on May 26th. I wonder what the recoil is like on the gun. I hope I’m lucky enough to get selected for a week.

Patriot Feature
Patriot Gun In Action

This feature will select a few lucky players every week starting from the 26th, and give them exclusive access to a 5.56mm Hand Rifle with infinite ammunition and no reload. Players will have access to these unique “Patriot” features until the next ranking update. You’d better watch out when a “Patriot” joins your game!

I’m amazed the support Metal Gear Online is getting, they have added a lot of features since it’s release. Plus they have something in store for the one year anniversary of Metal Gear Solid 4. Mmm, wonder what it could be.

Just a reminder you can purchase the MGO Expansion packs with the PlayStation Network Wallet now.

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Metal Gear Online Update 1.31 brings …

the option to purchase additional content using PlayStation®Network wallet. Just select the in game menu “MGO Shop(PlayStation®Network)”. The MGO shop now keeps you within the game itself. You can press square on the item you want to purchase to learn more and it opens a web browser with more info. If you press x you are taken to the PlayStation Store to purchase.

But I have a feeling that if you search for MGO content on the PlayStation Store itself, it won’t be there, but let me know if it is. The 1.31 update itself is pretty small so it doesn’t take long. Be sure to select the HTTP download.

Right now I’ve been splitting my gaming time between Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Online. Both are fun games, but there is always stuff to unlock with Metal Gear Online, that why I keep going back to it. My MGO name is xBerserker if your curious. There is also some bonus points being handed out:

BONUS REWARD POINTS giveaway campaign has been extended due to the delay of PlayStation®Network wallet payment option
Due to the delay of PlayStation®Network wallet payment option, we will extend the BONUS REWARD POINTS giveaway campaign for players who use the PlayStation®Network wallet payment option ONLY. Please note that the date the bonus rewards points given can vary.

◆Bonus rewards points will be given after the scheduled maintenance on 4/7/2009 for players who purchased the subjected item at the WEB site or MGO ONLINE SHOP before the beginning of scheduled maintenance on 3/31/2009.

◆Bonus rewards points will be given after the schedule maintenance on 4/28/2009 for players who purchased the subjected item ingame at the MGO Shop(PlayStation®Network) from 4/1/2009 to the beginning of scheduled maintenance on 4/21/2009.


MGO SCENE Expansion out today [Update]

I haven’t tried it yet, but here are some more details. There will be three new skills with this expansion among other things.

The First of these is CQC (Close Quarters Combat) EX. In order to obtain this skill, you have to execute a CQC maneuver 200 times with CQC Mastery Lv3 equipped. Once you have this skill, your character will automatically counter an opponent’s CQC attack.

You can also gain Toughness, by receiving a knockback, knockdown, or blow away type attack 100 times. Once you have this Skill, your character will be able to endure knockdown attacks and recover time will be decreased.

The third Skill you can gain is Charm, by getting distracted by a magazine 100 times. It’s similar to Mei-Ling’s special skill, where holding the salute pose will have the same distracting effect as a magazine. The salute motion will also change to one of three different exclusive random animations.

The CQC EX skill looks cool, wonder if the counter covers punches and kicks or just grabs. I’m thinking the latter. On the Toughness skill, I assume you need to get hit with explosives or shotgun/rockets. I can see the Toughness skill coming in very handy actually. The Charm skill is funny, lol. But I can see a lot of people getting the rat emblem in the process.

If you play MGO you know about the emblems you “earn” in the game. Now you’ll receive a free in-game t-shirt with that emblem! Plus there are 2 new emblems:

* Fighting Fish (unlock by playing a series of Death matches)
* Arctic Skua (unlock by playing through a series of Solo Capture missions)

So will you be getting the SCENE DLC?

Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion Skills and Map Details


I played it for about an hour last night, I love the new expansion so far.

A few small things I noticed:

* The time and date at the top of the menu’s (not during game play itself)
* After a match is shows if you earn points to improve your rank or points taken away from your rank
* During game play it says if you got 3 kills, 5 kills, 3 consecutive head shots etc.
* Not sure if explosives effected the environment before or not. I just saw something last night that seemed to imply it did.
* I thought you could throw knifes with Raiden and Vamp? But I played during a custom match so maybe that was turned off?
* There is a PSN Wallet option in the menu, but it’s disabled at the moment. Maybe it will be updated on Thursday with the store update?

And I tried to CQC someone last night and they already had CQCEX!! Man that’s quick, it resulted in me being thrown to the ground.


Metal Gear Online – More SCENE DLC Details

There is some more info about Raiden and Vamp’s ability’s. Here are some highlights below.


* High Frequency Blade can be used to deflect attacks or used in a non-lethal manner.
* Can throw knifes
* Can run very fast.
* Best at close-range hand-to-hand combat.
* Be able to jump to high places normal soldier aren’t able to.
* Able to jump off high places without any injury
* With his visor down he can detect traps
* Not effected by any SOP related skills


* Can throw knifes
* Can run very fast.
* Best at close-range hand-to-hand combat.
* Be able to jump to high places normal soldier aren’t able to.
* Able to jump off high places without any injury
* When defeated he will be resurrected in the same location.
* He IS effected by SOP skills

There is also a FREE mode that’s available to all Metal Gear Online players. It’s called Solo Capture (SCAP), it sounds fun. It’s going to be very hectic to, lol.

SCAP is a FREE-FOR-ALL Match with no team divisions. Capturing the Kerotan frog will make that player’s timer begin to decrease. The player who can keep possession of the Kerotan frog the longest, and allows their timer to reach zero first, will be the winner. If a player who isn’t holding the Kerotan is killed, no points will be awarded, but that player’s timer will be reduced.

It’s available for pre-order now, but you need the MEME Expansion first. You can pre-order it here. I tried to pre-order this morning, but you can’t use the PSN wallet as a payment method yet, just credit card or PayPal right now. So I’ll wait a few days to see if that options surfaces.

SCENE will be available separately for $9.99 and offered as a bundle with the second MGO Expansion pack, MEME, for $14.99 as well as all three expansion packs – GENE, MEME, and SCENE, for just $17.99 on March 17, 2009 via Metal Gear Online’s in-game shop and Konami’s shop. All will be available for purchase using the PlayStation Network Wallet (as well as PayPal, in addition to the previous payment methods). The pre-order period for SCENE starts on March 10, 2009, and will run up until release date. And remember, all players who pre-order SCENE will receive the special “cardboard man” head gear for free!

Also included in SCENE is a great deal of new gear that you can use to customize your character, including the Bikini Outfit, Clown Face Paint, Haven Trooper Uniform Set, Resistance Uniform Set, Hockey Mask, Mohawk Wig, Short Cut Wig, Shirtless, and Robbie (Silent Hill character).

They are teasing that there is more stuff yet to be revealed, mmm wonder what it is. Only 1 week away until we find out.

Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion Release Date and Details


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