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Game Night Recap Feb 15th – MGO

Last night was a spur of the moment game night. Kane112 was the only one that showed up. He even meet me in the PlayStation Home Clubhouse. We decided to play Metal Gear Online. I created a Instructor game and taught him things I’ve learned about MGO over the years. Eventually he qualified to be promoted to an MGO Instructor himself. The ceremony is pretty funny.

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New Patch For Metal Gear Online Incoming

Still playing Metal Gear Solid Online? If so, Konami has released a new patch for the MMO. The update adds adjustments to Drebin Points for weapons, weapon parameters, skill parameters, and skills for unique characters ( i.e Raiden and Vamp ). Player Character movement has been increased overall plus “Idle Kicks” have been implemented for Auto Matching.

Updates for the background music were also added which will include more tracks from Metal Gear Solid titles. The patch will be able to detect fraudulent network connections as well. If I didn’t trade my copy of MGS4 in I’d still be playing MGO on occassion. It’s probably for the best though, since I was pretty terrible at playing the game online.

Source: Konami



Metal Gear Arcade – Stereoscopic 3D / Head Tracking

This is the first Stereoscopic 3D / Head Tracking arcade game that I’m aware of. What’s cool too is that it’s a online game as well. It will arrive in arcades next week in Japan. Doubt it will ever leave Japan though, which is a shame because this looks like a blast!

This is basically a tweaked version of Metal Gear Online, which I still really enjoy to this day. I wonder if you’ll be able to do any CQC (close quarter combat), or set “traps”. If you have any friends in Japan have them try this out for us and report back. Here is the opening video for the arcade game:

Gameplay footage after the break!

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophies Incoming?

Playstationlifestyle have spotted something interesting on the back of the Greatest Hits Collections box of Metal Gear Solid 4. Right at the very top it states “Multiplayer – Voice – Trophies”. For now label this as a rumor, but it looks like everybody’s wishes are coming true.

see image here


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