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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Confirmed

Metal Gear Solid V was announced, or confirmed, this morning at GDC by Hideo Kojima himself. Ground Zeroes & The Phantom Pain combined make up MGS V. No announcement as to a release date, or to what consoles this will release on, however with the New Fox engine being a next gen engine, we can assume it will be next gen consoles, including the PS4.
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Kojima Productions Hiring for Los Angeles Studio

The well known Japanese production company is setting up shop in the west coast. Kojima Productions recently posted job listings for their newly announced Los Angeles offices. The job listings include everything from animator to graphics engine programmer, just to name a few. Since it will be most likely spearheaded by twitter-happy Hideo Kojima, the job requirements look to be pretty straightforward, as most of the listings require the applicant to have worked on two previous titles.

No word on what the LA studio will be working on, but given the recent announcements at the Metal Gear 25th anniversary PAX panel, I can’t shake this feeling that it’s going to be something big. Not only will this cut down on the localization time of future Kojima Production titles, this may also be a clue to Mr. Kojima’s future plans for the Metal Gear series.

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Event Coverage Pictures: Metal Gear 25th Anniversary at Hard Rock Cafe – Seattle, 9/01/12

Kojima productions and Konami, along with invited guests, were on hand to celebrate Metal Gear’s 25th Anniversary at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. Earlier that week, the celebration kicked off in Japan, which, besides Ground Zeroes, other announcements had been made.

A big THANKS! to the Konami, BM, and the Hard Rock Cafe staff for making this event one of my life’s top most memorable moments! Check after the jump for photos of the event, with more to come!

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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes World Premier Gameplay Video

Watch 10 minutes of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes’ Demo shown during the Metal Gear Solid 25th anniversary panel at PAX Prime.

“We’re not going to say that it’s Metal Gear Solid 5,” Kojima said after the demo, “but it is a prologue.” Kojima also confirmed that the demo was running on PC hardware that was similarly equipped to PS3, and that the final game should closely resemble the demo video.
Kojima also confirmed that he is personally creating Ground Zeroes.



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