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Konami’s Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Event: Unveils A Movie, Smartphone Game, and Open World Game

Konami’s Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event just finished in Tokyo, and revealed a ton of great news.

Mr. Kojima introduced the series’ first ever social media content, “METAL GEAR SOLID SOCIAL OPS,” talked about the series becoming a live-action Hollywood movie, and showed off new footage from “METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE,” the new title that brings an all-new METAL GEAR feel to the series with its focus on exhilarating action. Furthermore, the new game engine currently under development, “FOX ENGINE,” got its first unveiling worldwide in a live demonstration of “METAL GEAR.”

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Kojima Productions is Hiring New Recruits

It’s no big secret that Konami and Kojima productions are working on something big. Dubbed “Project Ogre” to be exact. While not a whole lot of information has been released to the public regarding what type of game or what type of genre it will be, we do know that Kojima Productions and Konami Corp are working on the next MGS.

According to, the company is planning to hire for this new project.
Read all about it and check out a “Classified” picture after the jump:
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Metal Gear Solid 5 Officially Confirmed, Details Soon

If you read our QuickNews post yesterday, you would know about the shuffling of producers that the spin-off Metal Gear Solid title, Rising, is going through, leaving some of us with a questionable view of said title now.

But don’t fret! Hideo Kojima has said to expect details for both Rising, and the newly confirmed Metal Gear Solid 5, possibly as early as the end of the month. No official word on whether or not Kojima-san will be producing MGS5, as he previously said he was done with Metal Gear Solid (though he’s said that more than once), but don’t be surprised if he will be.

It will be interesting to see where this series goes now, since MGS4 kind of left no room for a true sequel. Maybe it’s a modern take on the original Metal Gear titles? I guess we’ll find out later this month!




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