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MLB The Show Challenge of the week 3-22-11

The Challenge of the week continues on The Show with this weeks prize being a $250 gift card. I must admit this mode is intense and very hard. These people on the leaderboard are no joke. My first challenge I hit the ball 3x with the leader holding 48hits! Hopefully we will see more games doing this as it is a great way to keep the community interested.

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Kevin Butler’s S.H.A.F.T. Method (Trash Talking for MLB 11: The Show)

“Want to take your MLB 11 The Show trash talk to the next level? Well prepare to be SHAFTed by Kevin Butler.”

Kevin Butler has just released 5 new training videos to help you up your trash-talking, while playing MLB 11: The Show. He has named his method of trash talking, the S.H.A.F.T. method.

The intro video above will link to the 5 steps on youtube, or you may watch them all below.
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MLB 11: The Show – Introducing the challenge of the week

MLB 11: The Show has an arcade like feature where you can win a 3D TV and weekly prizes. The first try is free and you can purchase extra attempts on the PlayStation Store for 25 cents. Check out this newly released video:

I hope this is something we can look forward to in other titles. Here is just a few of the prizes.

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MLB 11’s New Pure Analog Hitting System

This will be the last MLB entry, as this Tuesday, we will finally have it in our hands.
Ramone Russell // Community Manager, SCEA San Diego Studios stopped by the official Sony Blog and dropped a video, and some last minute info on the new hitting system.

To use the new Pure Analog Hitting system, simply pull back on the R-stick to stride and push forward in the direction of the incoming pitch to drive through the ball. Be sure to time your stride just as the pitcher releases the ball, a poorly timed stride will result in a less powerful swing. Don’t try to hold your stride back just waiting for the pitch — you’ll lose power! Time it like a real swing and begin your stride as the pitcher’s getting ready to deliver.

With a little practice, you’ll be piling up the RBIs in no time! And don’t forget, there’s only a few days left to pre-order MLB 11 The Show on PlayStation 3 for a FREE 30 day trial of Premium MLB.TV.

Welcome to The Show!

That is it for the MLB videos. Hopefully I have sold you on what appears to be the sports game of the year.



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