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The Rivalry Continues: Kevin Butler vs Joe Mauer

The Kevin Butler ads are still going strong. This new one pits Kevin Butler with Joe Mauer again, but this time, they’re playing a friendly game of MLB 11: The Show. It looks like Kevin Butler’s cockiness got the best of him this time. Well played, Mauer.


MLB The Show 2011 Throwing System

I absolutely love how this year the players stats have nothing to do with errors. It is all player controlled! Well here it is in its original context.

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MLB 11: The Show Co-op Detailed and Demo Out Now

The “MLB The Show 2011” demo is now out and ready on PSN to be downloaded and yelled at. I was extremely impressed with the demo and it was everything I expected and a lot more. The difficulty is what had me hooked the moment I began playing. I was able to hit the ball two times in a total of 8 innings over two run throughs.. This isn’t your average press the button and knock the ball out of the park game by any means. The dual analogue controls will take awhile to get used to. I advise you to take a play on it if you are even remotely interested and make your own judgment. The co-op although not featured in the demo is another one of The Show’s big selling points. Eddy Cram, Senior Designer stopped by the official Sony Blog to share the goods on what to expect.

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MLB 11: The Show Looking Fantastic

MLB The Show 2011 is shaping up to be a game changer. The team has revamped the entire control scheme and has gone with a dual analogue scheme. Here is a look at what they have done and what you can expect March 8th 2011.

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