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ModNation Community Site Launches

The ModNation Community site is now live. You’ll be able to check out top-rated Mods, tracks and karts, as well as view the leader boards. You can communicate with other players in the forums, too. San Diego Studio also plans on adding even more features in the future, but you can read more about it here.

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ModNation Racers Review

ModNation Racers is a Playstation exclusive looking to do for kart racers what LittleBigPlanet did for platformers. With numerous customisations available from driver and car designs to constructing tracks, all of which can be shared online. There’s plenty on offer from ModNation Racers but is it king of the mods or just another kart game?

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Kevin Butler Vs Jack Tretton

Here’s an amusing video of Jack, grown up child actor, Tretton taking on Kevin Butler at ModNation Racers. Plenty of smack talk going down and features a bit of a teaser towards Gran Turismo 5 at the end…

Look out for a review of Modnation Racers on the blog this week, which coincidently is when its released too.


IGN Reviews ModNation Racers

Well, it appears that the review embargo is up on ModNation Racers, as IGN has reviewed it 3 weeks ahead of time :P. Apparently, it’s a definite contender in kart racers, and the creativity and sharing aspects are great. The only real negative they had with the game (that barred anything above the given 9/10) is the extensive loading times, which take a few seconds short of a minute to load a race.

Given the apparent quality of the title and the praise it is receiving, it still sounds good enough to, at the very least, rent it. You can read the full written review here.


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