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GDC 2010: Move B-Roll and Image Galleries


Here’s the B-roll that was mentioned in one of my other posts. To save time and space, I am combining images and whatnot from games listed in the b-roll as well. Some of these games look rather cool actually (The Shoot looks extremely fun!). Since we already know a bit about EyePet, I excluded new images for that, since there really isn’t anything new from those anyway. Enjoy!
[tab:The Shoot]

[tab:Move Party]
[tab:TV SuperStars]
[tab:Motion Fighter]
[tab:Sports Champions]
[tab:Move Controller]

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GDC 2010: Motion Fighter

[tab:News]There was a demonstration of this game done during the press conference (and was shown in the B-Roll trailer). It uses the motion controller to control your fighter’s punches and position. Might be pretty fun, save for the douchey looking fighters :P. Not much more information on the game, except that this is still a working title.
[tab:Image Gallery]

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