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Pacific Rift – The Tracks Revealed!

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift – The Tracks Revealed! shows off all the tracks from MotorStorm: Pacific Rift with screenshots and top-down views.

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MotorStorm 2 – Lunatics Unite

Here’s a nice MotorStorm Pacific Rift promo trailer called Lunatics Unite. Fun stuff!

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Motorstorm 2 Demo Impressions

The demo came out last night for Qore subscribers and will be available to everyone in October. I put a question mark on some of the “cons” in the list below since I don’t know if these will be addressed in the full release or not.


  • Racing is Still Great: Just like the first Motorstorm, the core racing to this game is as fun as ever.
  • Unique: This series has carved its own unique take on the genre. No single thing about this game is brilliantly unique, but overall, it plays differently than all the other racing games on the market.
  • Music: This is particularly subjective, and racing games should support user-soundtracks, but the music selection for this game is awesome and really helps set the mood for the game. “Jesus Built my Hotrod” is a great and unexpected pick for the intro movie.
  • Local Split Screen Support
  • ms.jpg


  • Not enough evolution?: The demo plays almost exactly like the first game. The split-screen is great, the new location, and new tracks, and content are great, but it seems like this should do something beyond what the first Motorstorm did.
  • Too Simple?: The first Motorstorm was great for a near-launch title, but it felt too simple. The core game of racing around tracks just doesn’t seem to have the longevity that I expect from a top-tier, AAA, full-price title.
  • Mini-gripe. No wheel support: I know this game is arcade-style and really designed for the standard game controllers, but adding support for steering wheel controllers can’t be that difficult, and racing fans who have steering wheel setups want to use them.
  • Any racing fans care to comment on the demo?


    MotorStorm 2 4-Player Splitscreen

    I know that this news isn’t new, and I don’t think that this screenshot is even new, but seeing it today I got excited all over again that we’re finally gonna have a next- this-gen racing game that supports four players. This is gonna rock for my friends and me. The last time we did any amount of 4 player racing was PGR2 on the original Xbox.

    Remember that, in addition to 4 player splitscreen, this game will also offer many more tracks than the original MotorStorm did. And custom soundtracks! And trophy support!


    I’d like to ask two things of the developer, though, if you’re reading this:

    1. Spread the on-screen graphics out a bit. They are getting in the way of seeing what’s actually happening. I know you do this because of overscan, but different sets have different amounts of overscan. Maybe you can make this adjustable? Or put the stats in a vertical column near the middle split?
    2. Put me in the beta! I want to play this! I want to play this with my friends! Pretty pretty please?

    That’s it!

    Screenshot – MotorStorm 2


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