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Motorstorm Apocalypse

Motorstorm Apocalypse is now officially unveiled!

MotorStorm Apocalypse’s game director Matt Southern,

“There’s a sense that other genres are over-delivering, particularly the cinematic kind of experience – the Uncharted 2s and the Modern Warfares of the world – they’re not just good, they’re mind-blowingly awesome. We see a lot of racers that are good or great – and we’ve been fairly lucky with high review scores and decent sales – but then you’re seeing shooters doing 10 million plus. People want to be really excited – and in the last 12-18 months you’ve seen a few guys realize the same thing.”

See previews on The Sixth Axis and IGN. Some highlights:

Single-player is split into three separate campaigns of differing difficulty, and they’re personified by three distinct characters.

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And Another: MotorStorm 3 Shots Leaked?

The French website,, has seemingly came across some leaked shots (well, off-screen captures of a video) of MotorStorm 3, which is a title that hasn’t been officially confirmed, but, yet, has a domain,, that redirects back to the official UK PlayStation site. So now, could this be another ruined E3 surprise?

From the looks of the shots (which can all be viewed after the jump), they’re going even more over the top, with what looks more like a dilapidated, run down city you’d find in a post-apocalyptic flick (given the sign under the logo, is it San Francisco?). I’m not sure if this is faked, or the real deal, seeing as the series has generally been kid-friendly in it’s content, yet, one of the shots shows a group of people running through the streets as you race through, so don’t take this as anything definite (for all we know, it could just be from another game).

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