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Motorstorm Apocalypse Review

It was an unfortunate release date that Motorstorm Apocalypse had chosen; it’s no fault (pun not intended) of Evolution Studios, of course, but it does almost highlight the lack of reason for these races to be taken place. Like most earthquake-based movies, the plot isn’t the main draw; it’s the spectacular special effects and the chance to witness a horrific event as entertainment. In this instance, the entertainment is stunning; with collapsing buildings, the ground opening up, and even a tornado, there is always something waiting to completely change the track on the next lap.

Apocalypse is the third game in the series (4th if you include the PSP outing) and sticks to the well established formula of racing in dangerous terrain, avoiding environmental hazards, and other racers. After the desert, a pacific island, and the arctic, Motorstorm has headed to urban pastures, but, obviously, this wouldn’t be exciting enough, so enter the earthquake. In fact, it hasn’t even deemed an earthquake dangerous enough, as the Apocalypse subtitle eludes, it’s the end of civilization and there are two warring factions to drive between whilst you race, if the constant earthquakes changing the track wasn’t enough.
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MotorStorm 3D Rift Hits PSN Tomorrow

SCEA has announced MotorStorm 3D Rift, a downloadable title coming to PSN tomorrow that includes ten tracks from the last Motorstorm title, in full stereoscopic 3D.
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