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Mushroom Wars: Online Add-On Available

When Creat Studios Mushroom Wars was released in October of 2009, I quickly became addicted. It still remains one of my favorite RTS games to date. At the time it only had single player missions, or 2 player local multiplayer support. My only issue with the game was its lack of online multiplayer support. Well now, after months of waiting, Mushroom Wars is finally getting that support.

Online support has been added, and they have increased the number of players to four, for both online and local mutiplayer games. Worldwide leaderboards, as well as new trophies have also been added. Another great feature of Mushroom Wars, that will now have an even better application, is the fact that you can record, and even upload you matches directly to YouTube. I can’t wait to upload the video of Luke, Kane112, and Jason, being utterly destroyed by my massive mushroom army.

The online update will be available on the PSN starting tomorrow for $2.99.


Mushroom Wars Goes Online

PSN Stores posted some exciting news about Mushroom Wars, as fun as the game was a lot of people complained that they wanted multilayer. It seems like it worked, Creat Studios listened, thought it over, and decided to release an addon pack to give the game just that.

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