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[Giveaway] Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Our friends from Bandai/Namco and CyberConnect2 games handed us some Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations swag! One lucky winner will get a BRAND NEW copy of the game, including 6 of the pre-order cards, and a 2nd place winner will get all 6 of the pre-order cards! Anyone that ever wanted to get in the story of the popular anime can pick this game up and play through story mode where it essentially retells the whole series up to date! With 75 characters to choose from, this game is both gorgeous and addicting!

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm – Video Review

Check it out below, the animation in this game is top notch. You could probably use this to animate the actual series it looks that good. I think I saw somewhere that it covers Episode 1 – 133 or so, basically when the massive filler episodes started. The demos plays pretty well. The game comes out this week if you interested.

.. Still waiting for my Bleach PS3 game 😉


New Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm trailer

The free roaming part looks great. I’m going to be picking this up later this year. Just a reminder you can choose Japanese or English voices. But who in there right mind would want to listen to the English voices!


Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm has Japanese and English voices!

This was a major selling point for me. If it only had English voices I’d pass. It’s that bad. But they said you can choose either. The demo will be out on Qore July 3rd. I haven’t bought a issue of this just yet. Have you?

But if you can wait until E3 you can download the demo for free then. I’ll think I’ll wait. Skip to the 23:40 mark to watch the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm segment.


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