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[PS3 Review] Ōkami HD

okami hd ps3 review

We’re pals, right?

I feel like I can share anything with you, loyal reader. Now, we’re not talking “hey, can I borrow your rare Beastie Boys “Pass The Mic” single EP vinyl?” It’s more of a “can I borrow a cup of sugar, neighbor?” pal. It could be that we’re a different kind of pal? Maybe we’re pals on a different level? Is there an honesty percentage to our pal level, and furthermore: what level is it and what level does it cap out at? All good, solid questions. That’s what I like about you, though. You have lots of good questions. Honesty is the first one and only I’d like to address, mainly because of time restraints and the fact that I’m writing this review over lunch and it’s getting cold.

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Ōkami HD Coming to PS3; Includes Move Support

Ōkami, a highly artistic Japanese action/adventure game, is soon heading to the PS3. As stated in the post title, the game does include Move support (similar to the Wii version), but with HD graphics. Here’s a synopsis of the title:

Okami HD has the player take on the role of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess, who inhabits the form of a wolf. After a tyrannical monster, Orochi, turns the world into a ruined, colorless wasteland, Amaterasu must use her magical abilities to restore the land to its previous glory and defeat the demon in charge of the destruction.

Based off of the trailer above, it’s still a great looking game, even by today’s standards, thanks to said HD treatment. Given that the original PS2 version released on the dawn of the PS3 launch, how many of you missed out on this game? If you have played it before, not only will purchasing this title be a feast for your eyes, but there is also 51 trophies (including a Platinum) for you trophy hunters out there. You can expect to see this title available on PSN this Fall in North America and Europe.



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