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PixelJunk Anniversary Blowout Sale

Celebrating PixelJunk’s 5th anniversary and Q-Games’s 10th in style, with this huge blowout sale! Get all your PixelJunk classic favourites, Racers, Monsters, Eden, and Shooter, for only $1. Q-Games is also cutting the prices of PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe (PSP), PixelJunk Shooter 2 and PixelJunk SideScroller by half!

This fantastic sale will go live today during the PlayStation Store update. For more information visit link.


PixelJunk Shooter Impressions


  • The fun of this game is interacting with the fluids and gases. There is basic shooting and collecting, but that’s just a simple game on top of playing with the fluids and gases. There is good variety as well. The game introduces a new mechanic of some kind every few levels.
  • The levels are puzzle-like, but they are easy and very fun to play through. This is WAY easier than Monsters or Eden which were both unusually hard games.
  • I’d estimate that I spent about four or five hours with it before I beat it. There is actually a lot of content for $10. This is much less grindy than Monsters and much less time consuming than Eden. You can zip through the levels fairly quickly.
  • Great, very appropriate music, although some of the lyrics are intrusive.
  • Overall: great, really unique, fun game. Outside of Wipeout Fury add-on, this is almost surely the best downloadable game of ’09. Eden is probably still my favorite PixelJunk game, but this is a close second. These guys are really good at finding fun concepts and turning them into fun, polished games.

Any other impressions?


PixelJunk Shooter is almost here!

It seems that the wait for PixelJunk Shooter is almost at an end. The game is going to be available next Thursday on the 10th of December on the PSN. Now they haven’t announced a price but when asked if it was going to be $9.99 or $14.99. Dylan Cuthbert the President and Excutive Producer at Q-Games LTD. said it was going to be:

The cheaper of the two price points.

Here is an interview that Jem Alexander and Dylan Cuthbert had a while ago.


More PixelJunk Shooter

Full Walkthrough here

This looks like someone took a few physics classes and built a finely tuned game around that. Particle and fluid dynamics, phase changes (solid/liquid/gas), magnetism, miscibility… These guys and gals are programmer’s programmers. I hope this is as fun and polished as Eden and Monsters were.

It’s still crazy that they held a big naming contest and ended up with something as generic as “Shooter”.

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