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Prey 2 Update from Bethesda

Great news just came from Bethesda stating that Prey 2 has not been cancelled, but just delayed due to lack of progression and quality standards. Hooray for Bethesda not just publishing a sub-par game. This game showed great promise, and I really liked what I saw at E3. I don’t mind waiting another year for what is sure to be a better game.

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Prey 2 Trailer Developer Commentary Parts 1-3

Chris Rhinehart, project lead at Human Head studios, gives us some developer commentary for Prey 2’s early trailers.

This game was honestly my biggest surprise at E3. Watching the presentation for the game there, quickly moved Prey 2 up to one of my most anticipated games for next year.

Part 2 and 3, which show some amazing gameplay, are below.

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Prey 2 “Bounty” E3 Trailer

Bethesda continues to amaze with amazing looking trailers.
“Prey 2, the sequel to the award-winning 2006 game, is an open world sci-fi shooter about Killian Samuels, a Federal Marshall who is abducted by a cruel race of aliens. Playing as Killian, you find yourself marooned on an alien planet called Exodus. While working as a bounty hunter, you uncover a plot that threatens your home world and it’s up to you to take action!”

This official E3 trailer for Prey 2 has got me excited for a sequel to a game I never played. I hope the actual gameplay is as good as this action cut scene. I should be able to play this at E3, so stay tuned for my opinion next week. Video after the jump.

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