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[Review Rewind]: Prince of Persia (2008)

Coming into this Prince of Persia game, I had only played the Prince of Persia for the PC back in the 90’s, so I had zero expectations regarding gameplay and story. In this iteration, the story was engrossing and compelling. I found myself wanting to play the game to see what would happen toward the end. The other key character ends up being a ‘partner’ that is more of a ‘helper’ than anything. The humor between the two characters is witty and humorous. The voice acting was well done for the main characters; the main character’s voice is Nolan North (Nathan Drake), and he made the dialogue fun to listen to.

I believe the story mode for this Prince of Persia may be a bit more sci-fi than what some are used to, but I enjoyed it. For those collecting trophies, I’d suggest not updating the game with the latest patch, and then updating it prior to beating the game to help with some of the trophies to limit the number of times you need to playthrough the game.

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