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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Video Review

IGN has a video review of the 360 version of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 available here:

The general consensus is that this is a good game, but it’s getting long in the tooth. It uses the same music as the first game, and graphics haven’t really been updated. Co-op gameplay still feels like it’s tacked on, though integration is better.

IGN says that this is a solid game, which will be enjoyable more for first time players, rather than those who might already have picked up the first game.


Two More Feature Trailers for R6V2

Looking forward to Rainbow Six: Vegas 2? I am. I decided to skip on Army of Two and go for Rainbow Six 2 instead. So now I’m impatiently waiting for this game to arrive. Luckily we have videos like these two to tide us over.

Mais dois trailers de Rainbow Six Vegas 2

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