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Red Dead Redemption Triple XP Today 4/12

RockStar Games announced via FaceBook, that TRIPLE XP in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer will be worldwide, from 4-6PM Eastern time, today.


Red Dead Redemption: Pre-Order Bonuses Finally Coming PSN

RockStar Games just announced, via FaceBook, that “the Red Dead Redemption items originally released as preorder exclusive content will now be made available for download to everyone via ‘the’ PlayStation Network ($.99 each) next week.”

This includes “The Deadly Assassin Outfit,” “The Golden Guns Weapon Pack,” and “The War Horse.”

For more info, check their FaceBook Post.


Red Dead Redemption Triple XP Today 5-7PM EST

Since many of you have asked to be notified, this tweet just came across the board!!
“Rockstar Games
Triple XP begins in 1 hour for #RedDeadRedemption, it’ll run today from 5-7PM Eastern (New York) time, + we’ll be online playing, stay tuned”


Triple XP in Red Dead Redemption Until 4PM Pac

Rockstar Games just announced that Triple XP is now LIVE for the next three hours for Red Dead Redemption & Undead Nightmare.

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