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[PS3 Review] Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All

Get ready to solve a unique puzzle-based investigation that will immerse you in a noir world. Red Johnson, one of the best private investigators in Metropolis City has recently gained a fame that turns out to be deadly. A price on his head and a brother that has been abducted will force him to give the best of himself. To sort out this situation, you will need to use you wit, your persuasion skills and even your fists sometimes.

Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All – Launch Trailer

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[Giveaway] Red Johnson’s Chronicles

First off be sure to review EdEN’s review on Red Johnson’s Chronicles: Episode 1. Secondly we managed to get 3 codes for the US PSN Store to giveaway on! You can enter in multiple ways. Using your points, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. See details on how to enter below. But you must be a member of since we contact the member via private message. If your not a member you can register here.

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Red Johnson’s Chronicles: Episode 1 Review

Metropolis, capital of crime. Private Detective Red Johnson is stretched to his limits after shots were heard from Drownedman’s Bridge. Explore strange worlds, find and use clues that will lead you to the truth in this unique game with stunning backdrops. Question suspects, push them over the edge and confront them in breathtaking action scenes. But don’t forget you also have a brain. In this 8 to 10 hours long adventure/investigation, you’ll discover a world in which everything is dark, sharp and deadly. Even humor.

* Compulsive scenario with deadly humor
* Between 8 to 10 hours of gameplay
* Amazing graphics
* Appealing characters with great voice acting
* Original puzzles that totally fit the script
* Scalable help system for beginners and core gamers alike

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Red Johnson’s Chronicles PSN Hack Launch Trailer

This has got to be one of the best trailers regarding the PSN outage. Great stuff here for a pretty fun game. We will have a review up soon, so make sure to keep your eyes open for that.


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