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[Review] Resistance 3

Post apocalyptic America, Alien invasion, viruses, slim chances for survival and one tough son of a bitch! Resistance 3 picks up with former Army soldier Joseph Capelli who was dishonorably discharged due to an unfortunate event with former Resistance protagonist Nathan Hale, that I dare not spoil.

After Joseph was discharged from the Army, he gave up fighting the Chimera and started a family of his own in a small underground outpost that housed a few of the surviving humans left on Earth. In the years that Joseph decided to give up fighting and lived as a family man the only way a hunted species could, he was later visited by a Russian scientist known as Fyodor Malikov.

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2 New Resistance TV Commercials (One w/ the VP: KB)

These two commercials will be hitting the TV this week leading up to the September 6th release of Resistance 3. One involves the story of Joseph Capelli’s journey, and the other involves our favorite VP doing what he does best! Let us know where you see them!

Source: Official PS Blog


Resistance 3 Resist Trailer

With humanity on the brink of extinction, it falls to Joseph Capelli and Fyodor Malikov to undertake a harrowing journey to New York City. As two of the few surviving members of the Resistance, they are the only ones that can strike a devastating blow to the occupying Chimera.

Can’t wait to get my hands on Resistance 3! I want to shoot up some deformed looking aliens, so bad!


Sony’s 3D TV Bundle Swaps Resistance 3 for MotorStorm: Apocalypse

Insomniac Games have confirmed, via a tweet, that Resistance 3 was replaced with MotorStorm: Apocalypse as part of Sony’s 3D TV bundle scheduled for launch this year.

Aside from the Resistance 3 replacement, the bundle remains the same, as it still includes the PlayStation-branded 3D TV, a pair of 3D glasses, and an HDMI cable for $500.


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