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Rock Band 3 Dirt Cheap!

For those that are interested in Rock Band 3 may want to grab their copy at one of the following places since now it’s only $20:

  • Amazon
  • GameStop
  • Best Buy

    Rock Band™ Country Track Pack™2 Announced!

    Get your dancing shoes ready people, Harmonix and their partner EA have announced the released date for Country Track Pack 2, which is set to release on the 1st of February. There are going to be a totally of 21 songs in this pack which you can see a list of after the jump. At first, a bunch of these tracks are going to be exclusive to the Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 disc for a limited time, once the time expires they will be making their way to the Rock Band 3 Music Store as downloadable content. Once exported or bough through the Rock Band 3 Music Store players will have the ability to access harmony vocals and Pro Drums, in addition to the traditional five-button guitar. Price will be set at $29.99!

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    Rock Band 3 Squier Guitar To Release on March 1 2011

    Are you thinking about buying Rock Band 3 for your system of choice because you’ve heard so much about how this new game is supposed to be a great tool to, finally, teach you how to actually play guitar? Then you might as well want to start saving so you can kill two birds with one stone: the highly hyped Fender-Squier-Stratocaster-Rock-Band-3-Branded-Fully-Functional-Electric-Guitar (or HSSRB3BFFEG, so you can easily remember the name since it just rolls from your tongue) has been given a firm release date which shall fall on the 1st day of the third month of the next year. Yep, March 1, 2011 (a tuesday in case you’re wondering).

    Now, here’s the extra kicker: you’ll need $280 (plus tax) to buy this guitar, $60 (again, plus tax) for the Rock Band 3 software  AND a $30 (plus, plus, plus… taaaaaax!) Mad Catz labeled MIDI adapter… as well as an AMP to actually plug in the guitar and rock out for the realz in the lifezes.

    There IS a final catch: the Squier Stratocaster can be used for playing the new Pro mode in RB3… and only that mode. The guitar CANNOT be used to play any other mode and thus you either must really be fully committed to use RB 3 as a guitar tutor or already own a RB guitar or buy a new RB3 plastic guitar or else you won’t have much fun if you realize that you can’t play a real guitar solo as easily as our plastic friends allow us to.

    Will you be spending over $400 for the whole package?


    Review: Rock Band 3

    Here’s a little food for thought. Did you know that Rock Band 3 went into development right after the release of Rock Band 2? During that two year period how many installments of the Guitar Hero franchise did Activision release? That number would be eight ( not including the handheld versions ).  Now, how many of those games raised the bar as high as Harmonix’s Rock Band 3? If you answered zero, then you’re correct.

    It’s been two years since Harmonix released a direct installment to the Rock Band franchise. Even though we’ve had the Beatles: Rock Band, Green Day: Rock Band, and Lego: Rock Band to fill the gap, those games were just appetizers. Rock Band 3 is the main course. Prepare to dig in.
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