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Sacred 2: It’s a Love Hate Thing

Last night I was really annoyed at Sacred 2. I was trying to play with a friend. These are my experiences:

Hello? Steve? You there?
How about now?
Stupid little…

First, when I got into the game, it kicked me out again right away. Host closed session, or something like that. But my friend hadn’t closed the game, so that was annoying. This happened again later.

Later, I got magically signed out of PSN and therefore got kicked from the game. This never happens to me. This sounds like a PSN thing, not a Sacred 2 thing, but with all the problems I’ve been having with Sacred 2, I’m putting my money there.

Several times, voice chat didn’t work. Voice chat, when it does work, works great. Much better than MotorStorm 2, which we were playing the other day right before a session of Sacred 2. But last night, it flaked out on me. At one point turning off my headset and turning it on again worked. Later, not even that worked. I lost voice totally and couldn’t get it working. Yes, my headset was charged.

And last but not least, I tried initiating a trade with my friend, and it got stuck there. We couldn’t exit the menu, we couldn’t complete the trade, it just got stuck. I had to quit the game in order to stop, losing some yummy items I had acquired in the process. (Thankfully not TOO many, because I had begun saving more often.)

I love this game. It’s great fun. So far it’s been a mostly smooth experience. But last night was a huge exercise in frustration. After we quit the game I watched an old episode of Daybreak to make myself feel better. Why that series was ever canned is beyond me. What a great show that was. I have all thirteen episodes and am going through them again.


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

I have to come clean right up front and say that I haven’t played the whole game through yet. If I waited to write this review until that happens, everyone would be wondering why I’m writing a review for a PS3 game when the PS4 has been out for years! 🙂 This game is huge!


Graphics and Level Design

This game looks gorgeous. I love walking around and seeing little rabbits or frogs jump out of my way. I remember playing Champions of Norrath on the PS2 and thinking how great it looked. Now I think the same thing for the PS3 version of Sacred 2. The buildings look great, the grass looks great, the water looks great, the trees look great. There are really only two problems with the graphics. One is that sometimes trees or buildings obscure the view of your character. Even though they’ve taken steps to solve this problem, they don’t always work. Second is that there’s quite a bit of screen tearing. I mostly got used to it and so it only bothers me every once in a while. But if this kind of thing really annoys your knickers off, then caveat emptor.

I love the architecture. I just cleaned out a Kobold camp, and that area was great. The dungeons are a mite on the small side. It seems that you barely started exploring a dungeon when it’s over. But the world map is so big, you’re not lacking for areas to explore. But if you’re more of a dungeon crawler than a surface walker, then you should keep this in mind. So far I’ve only seen a small portion of the map, but I’ve been impressed so far.

Game Interaction

Yup, this game is a bit of a pain when it comes to the menus. You hold down R1 and then choose a function with your left joystick on order to go to your inventory or quest log or statistics or whatever. Often you’ll tap R1 again to bring up additional stats on a weapon, for example. It would make sense that tapping circle would remove just those stats, right? Nope – it closes the menu entirely. I’m constantly doing this by mistake, and then I need to re-enter the menu. So yeah, there are little things like this about the GUI that are painful, but it’s not as bad as I’ve heard some people say.

One cool thing is that the L2 and R2 keys are modifiers. They let you choose a whole different set of face buttons for you to use in game. That means you can have up to 12 weapons and/or spells within easy reach! That’s amazing, but it does take some getting used to. I put normal weapons on the unmodified face buttons, attack spells using R2, and buffs and defensive spells on L2. That works pretty well for me.

I still haven’t figured out how to pause the game.

Spells and Stuff

There are fifteen spells (“combat arts”) that each character class can use, divided into three groups, and you can level up each one of them and also add modifiers. On top of that, there are many skills you can learn, each of which you can level up. Some of the skills will improve your combat arts (there are six of these skills, two for each of the three combat art groups).

There are tons of weapons as well. Blow darts, blaster pistols, and the usual assortment you’d find in this type of game. You can sell items you don’t want to a merchant, or you can dispose of them while questing, though you won’t get as much gold for them that way.

Much of the fun of this game, of course, is the looting. Playing alone, things go as you’d suspect. You just pick up the loot by walking over it or hitting L1 to pick up all the loot within a certain radius. Playing multiplayer, though, things get frustrating. Often you can’t pick up loot because the game determined that someone else should really have a crack at it. Which is frustrating because my friend would be 10 meters away killing some baddies while I was doing the same. Then we would both try to pick up our loot and we can’t pick it all up! So we’d have to walk to each others’ areas of battle and pick up the loot the other person couldn’t pick up. On top of that, sometimes the game just doesn’t play fair. The other night I was getting quite frustrated by the fact that my character was picking up almost no loot except for gold while my friend was picking up all sorts of good stuff. This isn’t helped by the fact that, if you play local co-op, you can’t swap stuff with another player. You can only swap stuff with other people playing online.


Overall, I love this game. Does it have issues? Of course it does. But do I enjoy playing the game, and does it call to me when I really should be spending quality time away from the glare of my TV? It sure does. I really enjoy games of this type, and Sacred 2 is no exception. I’ll be putting many many more hours into this game. I highly recommend it.


Sacred 2 First Impressions

I got my copy of Sacred 2 the other day, so I thought I’d give some first impressions now and a more in-depth review once I’ve played the game for a while. (I actually received a review copy, but for the 360! So I sold it and bought the PS3 version.)

The presentation of this game is pretty good. I don’t know why some people have complained about the graphics. Except for the screen tearing, this is a pretty good looking game. I also found that once I set the camera not to follow me, I liked the experience a whole lot more. Many people have complained about the menu system, and yeah, it’s a bit cumbersome. But not as bad as the complaints led me to believe.

My biggest issue so far has just been getting used to playing the game and figuring it out. The game allows you to have a bunch of different weapons, and switching is accomplished just by using them. The magical abilities and how they interact with your weapons is taking some getting used to. And being able to drink a potion to learn a skill was odd as well. But I’m slowly getting used to it.

The game uses a targeting system, which I have to say I don’t like much. I prefer the Champions of Norrath method, whereby you aim your bow in the right direction and shoot. Or swing your staff, and if a baddy is close enough, good for you. This takes some getting used to as well. I think it’s a hold-over from the PC version.

I still haven’t figured out how to pause the game. It seems that no matter what menu I enter, the game continues, so I end up dead after I come back from the bathroom. I’m sure there’s an easy solution to this, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Lastly, I’m still confused about the quests. I helped a town get their tax money back by going after the brigands that stole it. Now I’m back in the town with the money, and I can’t find the person to give it to. Objectives really should be made much clearer.

It sounds like I have nothing but complaints. But this game really does look like it has promise. I hope that once I get used to the strange mechanics of this game, that I’ll get into a flow and enjoy it a whole lot more. We’ll see.


Sacred 2 is Shipping


I’ve recently found out that Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is finally shipping, after at least a couple delays.

I’ve really been looking forward to playing another game of this type since finishing Untold Legends so long ago.

I’ll be reviewing a copy soon, so stay tuned.

Sacred 2


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