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[Review] Shank

Shank released at the perfect time, right between The Expendables and Machete, two films with excessive amounts of testosterone and a whole lot of ass kicking. Think of Shank as a lone psychopath that goes on a homicidal rampage to avenge the death of his beloved. It’s full of blood, over-the-top kills and macho dialogue.
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Shank Soundtrack Available for Free Now!

Klei (the creators of Shank) promised if they got 1,500 fans on there Facebook Page they would give away the soundtrack for free. As of this writing they are standing tall at 2,724 fans.

Now you can download the entire Shank soundtrack for FREE on the Shank blog! The game will be released on the PlayStation Network tomorrow as well. What better way to get ready for the game than listening to the soundtrack for FREE!

In case you missed the gameplay trailers of Shank you can check them out here.

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Free Shank Soundtrack Anyone?

Since Klei is giving the PS3 some love, I thought it would only be fair if we returned the favor. Currently Klei the creators of Shank, are giving away the first track on the Shank game away for free. But they said that if they receive 1,500 fans on their Facebook Page they are going to give away the full soundtrack for free. As it stands now they already have over 1,263 fans.

So come on all, lets help them make it happen!

UPDATE: WOW, it only took 3 hours to hit 1,500 fans. At this point they are over 2,000 fans, well over the needed sum.

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Shank coming to PSN

I am not sure how many of you have been following this game, but I have to say that I’ve been following it rather closely. At first, I didn’t know what other platforms this was coming out for, except the PC, but I’m really glad that, besides the PC and XBox, Shank is also making it’s way onto the PS3 on the 24th of August. I can’t put my finger on what it is about the game, but it truly stands out to me. It’s something new and very fresh. The art is very vibrant, it looks humorous, especially with all the different ways you can take enemies out. It has that old school Double Dragon/Two Crude Dudes kind of game play style, except with a 2010 feeling to it.

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