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Singstar Viewer discontinued. Long live Singstar?

Music games have all but come and gone but one of the most steady and prolific outside of the perennial Rock Band has been SingStar, which actually predates the first Guitar Hero from 2005 by a year. Studio London has maintained SingStar almost continuously (since 2004 in the PS2 era they released numerous discs and with the current generation of consoles they’ve released biweekly if not more frequently handfuls of downloadable tracks), and they’ve even made all PS2 releases backwards compatible. Every SingStar disc (PS3 or PS2) can be hot swapped into a live Singstar game, making those old collections still useful.

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The Ultimate SingStar Dance Party! has another PlayStation event: The Ultimate SingStar® Dance Party!

Think you’ve got the voice or the dance moves to become an international pop star? Then host The Ultimate SingStar® Dance Party and put your talents to the test.

On November 6th, invite your friends over to sing and dance to some of the hottest songs on SingStar® Dance. Using SingStar® microphones, PlayStation®Eye and a PlayStation®Move motion controller to track your movements, SingStar® Dance is as close as you can get to taking the stage without ever having to leave your living room!

PlayStation® will make sure you and your friends have an amazing time by sending you a party pack stuffed with awesome free gifts, including two PlayStation®Move motion controllers, a set of SingStar® mics, a PlayStation®Eye Camera and a full version of SingStar® Dance.

Good luck!


Win a 120GB PS3 Plus SingStar Queen and Queen 25th Anniversary Box Set

The contest had started back on December 8th, but it runs through to January 8th. All that is needed is for you to make a stomp-stomp-clap video and post it to your You-Tube account and provide a link to it on the entry page.

I know there’s probably not too many Queen fans, but even so, this is still a chance for you to get the system for free! Here are the details for the prizes:

5 winners will be chosen at random, 1 Grand Prize winner will receive a new PlayStation®3 120GB system, a copy of the SingStar®Queen video game for the PlayStation®3 system and the Queen 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set. The 4 additional winners will each receive a copy of the SingStar®Queen video game for the PlayStation®3 system and the Queen Platinum Collection CD set.

I’ll think about making one lol. As far as I know, this is only available to US residents.


New SingStar Home Space and Buzz Launching

On September 24th, the new SingStar Home space will launch. It was previously announced back at GamesCom, but now we got a few more details from the Official Blog:

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit this space on opening day is that dance floor reacts to the shapes you throw and that the music will change according to what style on dance the majority of avatars are partaking in. Note: This is where you thank me for not dropping the polka dance on you last update.

There’s also an interactive jukebox in the space where you and your friends can vote for your favorite tracks and the SingStar Music Quiz (which will be accessible in a future update) is there to test the knowledge of the hardest of hardcore music geeks in Home. To top it all off, there will be tons of rewards to be earned and future events galore, so you’ll want to add this space to your Favorites list right from the get-go. You’ll want to check the doors at the back of the SingStar rooms regularly. You never know what might be popping off inside.

Also of note, Home now supports game launching for Buzz, so those of you that have the game and want to play against your friends after hanging out in Home, you can now do so. Also, there are a few new free items in the Mall Space for a limited time, so if you want to pick them up, you better get on it before it’s too late!

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