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The VP of Silent But Deadly Talks SOCOM 4

Looks like Sony finally gave us the SOCOM 4 ad featuring Kevin Butler. His attire obviously shows Kevin Butler is in it for the long haul. The game goes on sale April 19th in the states. Who will be picking this up?



SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Unboxing Pics!

You know you want it: SOCOM 4 unboxing pic’s! This is what you’re looking to get in the upcoming SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition. You’re getting the game on Blu-ray, PlayStation Move, navigation controller,PlayStation Eye camera, and the PlayStation Move sharp shooter accessory. Wow, right?

This is the way to go if you want to get into Move as well. The Sharpshooter is a game changer, and the construction and design are what you have come to expect from Sony. Here is a refresher course in the Sharp Shooter, featuring SOCOM 4.


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Resistance 3 Beta Voucher With Socom 4

A code for early access to the Public Beta for Resistance 3 will be available with Socom 4. Most likely this will work similar to the Socom 4 Beta code, where there will be different periods of Beta acess, but so far no word about that.
Source: Official PSBlog


SOCOM 4 Open Beta Today!

The SOCOM 4 beta becomes open today for those who did not win one of our many giveaways for it, weren’t PS+ members, etc. You will be treated to a week and a half of scheduled events. Here is what to expect:

  • Beginning today, Tuesday (4/5) – Last Defense, Classic Last Defense, Uplink, Classic Uplink
  • Wednesday (4/6) – Bomb Squad, Classic Bomb Squad, Last Defense, Classic Last Defense
  • Thursday (4/7) – Sniper Alley (Custom), Last Defense Run ‘n Gun (Custom), Bomb Squad, Classic Bomb Squad
  • Friday (4/8) through Wednesday (4/13) – All Gametypes Open

So get those Move controllers and Sharpshooters ready! Game nights are not possible, sadly, as Zipper has chosen to not include the party system in the Beta. I look forward to hearing your impressions on the game once it is live.



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