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Socom 4 Beta Schedule 2 – KZ3 Codes

The second big wave of the Socom 4 Beta opens today. The codes winners received in our contest, and in your copies of Killzone 3, go live today! There is a lot of fun to be had, and there is also a schedule of what modes will be available, just like last week. Here is what to expect:

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What Socom 4 needs before launch

I realize we are in a Beta and there will be issues here and there, but there are certain things Socom needs to make its mark.

First and foremost, it needs the ability to invite friends to a squad within a lobby. This is just a must for any game. Killzone 2 had this issue, and getting with friends was not enjoyable at all.

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Socom 4 Bomb Squad Explained

Zipper Interactive’s Seth Luisi stopped by the Sony Blog and tells us about the new mode “Bomb Squad” in the video below.

If this is as fun as Uplink is then Zipper has one heck of a game. Im extremely happy with the Beta thus far and this only furthers my excitement for it.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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Socom 4 Beta Schedule

Here is the Schedule for the PlayStation Plus Socom 4 Beta. This should help with those wondering where Bomb Squad is:

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