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SOCOM: 4 Beta Game Night!

Well, I’m sure most of you already know the SOCOM: 4 Beta came out a couple hours ago. If you don’t, then, well, I have no faith in humanity. Just messing, but all jokes aside, I’ll be hosting an official game night in the coming hours. So, if you’re interested, shoot me a message on ps3; my PSN name is Acezakj Baba0Booey.

Make sure you say you’re from; I hate random noobs. Hehe, I’m joking. I feel so special when random people add me. Okay, anyways, back on topic. Shoot me a message via PSN and I’ll invite you to the Chat on and we’ll own some noobs together! While talking about Charlie Sheen of course.
pstt I’m going to record some gameplay for our youtube channel.

I (Ace) didn’t realize Zipper was going to smack us with a 1561.27MB update, so, sadly, I can’t be the game night’s host right now, but Baba0Booey is more than glad to take over the host title. So, read above about details of how to become part in tonight’s game night.


Socom 4 Beta Code Winners

We had a total of 51 who entered the contest. The winners were picked randomly. If you have won expect a private message today including instructions and your beta code. Congratulations to:

1. jmann
2. chart1710
3. whtetrashwarrior
4. reignofrain89

Thanks to all that entered! Stop by and wish the Blog a Happy Birthday HERE for a chance to win at another contest!


Do the Robot in SOCOM 4!

electric-slideCelebrating an accomplishment is a natural human reaction. In SOCOM 4’s competitive multiplayer mode, users can do this by dancing their asses off on top of a deceased enemy. All you have to do is press the circle button while standing over them and you’ll trigger one of the game’s built-in victory dances.

For some more of the awesome in-game dances click the jump, and sorry Jay no electric slide.

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PAX East 2011: Socom 4 Gameplay Interview

So earlier today I was over at PAX East live blogging away, when all of a sudden I saw that a bunch of you wanted a video of the multiplayer in action. Soon it seemed like no one cared about anything in the Live Blog except about Socom 4. So since I am a man of the people, I got my stuff together and headed down to find the Socom 4 Booth. When I got there I walked around the booth, had to familiarize myself with the territory in case I needed to get out of dodge. I finally ended up talking to Travis, Kevin and a few of the other characters of Zipper Interactive. I was really impressed with them as professionals, it seemed like they were all on the same page. They just wanted to show their fans a game that they’ve been busting their asses on. Soon I tried the game out, and soon after, did an interview with Kevin the Sr. Systems Designer. From the looks of it, it seems like the fans are really getting into it. I was told that some of the guys are just cycling back after their turn is over to get another crack at the game. Hopefully you guys like the video and if you feel I could have done anything better, please let me know.



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