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Starhawk Hidden Code

The official Starhawk website, at, has the above image displayed on it’s main page. I also got a postcard at the San Diego Comic Con, with the same picture on it. Hidden in the picture, is a PSN code that is redeemable for a Starhawk PS3 theme. It’s pretty easy to see, but if for some reason you can’t see it, just ask and I’ll post the code below for you. Enjoy!


ComicCon 2011: Starhawk Trailer

Developer LightBox released a brand new Starhawk Trailer captured from the Opening cutscene of the game. The new trailer shows off some of the story behind Starhawk and the plot gamers will be taking part in. Enjoy…

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Starhawk Official Box Art

Multiple retailers have released the official box art for Starhawk. The sequal to Warhawk is set to be released for the PS3 2012.


[E3 2011] Hands On – Starhawk

The line for Starhawk was never very long at E3 for some odd reason. I usually just had to wait for the current game to finish for my turn at the game. When you spawn, you get a top down view of the battlefield and you get to choose where to drop your pod in your home base. You can steer it slightly when it’s falling in mid-air. What’s cool is you can actually kill others when you land! I never got to see this in person, though. After you land, you press square to burst out of your pod.

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