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Swarm – Developer Q & A

Swarm is a shiny-shiny, new-new IP developed by Hot Head Games (you might have played one of their previous and very good games already) and published by UTV Ignition. Don’t know about you, but for me, a new IP (especially one that looks as fun as this) created with the sweat, tears, and blood of young blobs of goo deserves a new Q&A, and they were kind enough to help us out on that front:

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Get Ready for the Swarmites Invasion

HotheadGames has just released their brand spanking new website for Swarmites. What’s Swarmites you ask? Well it’s an action-platformer that combines mass character control, fast-paced action and comic mayhem. In Swarm you take control of fifty pudgy blue and utterly fearless low IQ Swarmites driving them through an intense and often suicidal gauntlet of death and destruction. Check out the 2010 Pax Trailer:

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