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Tekken 6 Development Complete


Namco Bandai revealed today that they have finished the development of the next installment in the Tekken series. The game has taken that one step closer to it’s October 27th release date (North America). Expect a full written review when it is released.  Along with that news, Namco Bandai also revealed details about the games online features for the first time. Check out the full list here.

Anyone else excited yet? I certainly am!

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Tekken 6 Online Features

Namco’s adding more to Tekken 6 than just a simple online versus mode. Here’s what PS3 and 360 owners can look forward to in less that 18 days, give or take:

Ranked Match and Player Match:
-Rank up or work to improve your fighting skills by battling opponents worldwide in online versus mode with voice chat functionality.

Data Upload & Download:
– Create and upload customised ghost characters which accurately replicate your fight style;
– Any player in the world can download your ghost to take on your virtual self in a one-on-one battle even when you’re not online;
– Upload replays of killer matches to share with friends and opponents around the world.

Scenario Online Co-op:
– New feature coming this winter as a free post-launch downloadable update;
– Jump into intense two player online co-op campaigns against AI controlled enemies and experience the dramatic large-scale action with friends around the globe.

– Battle Points: online only, split between World, Asia, America and Europe;
– Rank: overall on and offline ranking, from Beginner to Tekken God;
– Additional rankings include Ranked Match, Scenario Campaign, Time Attack and Survival.

There’s also exclusive offerings for the PS3 version via HOME;

Exclusive PlayStation®Home features include:

Tekken 6 Title Lounge:
– Host Versus and Co-op Sessions: Gather friends and start matches from the Lounge within PlayStation Home; Online Scenario co-op mode coming free this winter;
– Home Rewards: Players have the chance to win exclusive costume pieces and furniture at the Lounge for their personal space.


Now how about some Tekken Bowl Namco?


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Tekken 6 Viral Ads Begin | What Will You Fight For?

I love Viral stuff and this is no exception. I like that it’s in Japanese with English subtitles 😛 The next Viral video will be available in a couple weeks. Here is a sneak peak at the next advertisement.

I’m really excited for Tekken 6. I’m not sure if I’ll pick up the PSP version right away. I might if it’s cheap enough. It would be nice to practice on the go 🙂


Tekken 6 Wireless Arcade Stick Details & Box Art

Tekken 6 Wireless Arcade Stick PS3 Slim

Finally some details about the wireless arcade stick. It’s not bluetooth for one, so that means a USB dongle which is a little disappointing, but oh well. I’ll be getting some rechargeable batteries for it unless it comes with some. But 40 hours of life is pretty decent.

PS3 Wireless Stick Spec

  • The first wireless PS3 arcade stick on the market
  • 8 button layout / Arcade style joystick and buttons
  • Integrated 2.4 GHz high-performance wireless technology for seamless game play
  • Licensed Tekken 6 artwork used on the plate design.
  • Transmission Range: Up to 32 feet
  • Battery life: Up to 40 hours on two AA batteries
  • Weight: Less than 2 ½ pounds
  • Maximum number of sticks: 7 (when using USB Hub)

The box art looks pretty sweet. Glad I’m getting the Limited Edition 🙂

[Source for costumes] [Source for Wireless Stick Info]


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