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TerRover Release Date Announced

You know, I thought that since the game was just announced not that long ago it would have been a while before we would see the full game released. According to Scott Hyman the Vice President of Development for Creat Studios the game is coming out next Tuesday. The price point being $14.99.

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TerRover Demo Coming to PSN Through Qore Tommorow

A free demo of the new PSN exclusive TerRover will be available with both versions of Qore tomorrow. This cartoony (is that a word) looking game has a nice looking 2-D physics universe. The gameplay involves navigating a small terrain rover, the TerRover, through over forty levels of challenging puzzles. Scott Hyman, Vice President of Development for Creat Studios, describes the TerRover as “a cute little robot buggy with a big smile and warm heart in need of your help to find a new planetary home for him and his friends.”

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