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[Review Revisited] The Unfinished Swan

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Ready to get swept away into a magical world that is a blank canvas for you? Then prepare yourself to work on completing The Unfinished Swan!

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The Unfinished Swan Coming October 23rd; Early Access for PS+

One of the most hotly anticipated PSN releases this year, The Unfinished Swan, will be heading toward the service on October 23rd. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, however, you can expect to see the title become available a week earlier on the 16th.

For those who are unsure of what Unfinished Swan is, the premise is that you’re a boy, by the name of Monroe, who is chasing after a swan that escaped a painting, and you must navigate a completely white world (at least the first part of the game) in first person, armed with only a paint gun you use to reveal the geometry of the world around you in order to navigate (using either the Move or a DualShock 3 controller).

It’s one of those really cool, different games that PSN is known for. Be sure to check out the developer diary above, too. You will be able to pick the game up for $14.99.


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