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[Girlfriend Review] Tomb Raider

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.

I’ve seen both of the movies, but I still don’t really know much about her. She’s from a wealthy British family; she knows a hell of a lot about anthropology and archaeology (like me!), and she kicks some serious ass.

Oh, and she looks really good in shorts. Really good.

And after watching my boyfriend, Clint, beat the recently released Lara Croft game, that’s still pretty much all I know about her.

But thanks to the movies, and from what I’ve learned from osmosis through the years, I know that Lara is a little bit like Indiana Jones, with the whole “that belongs in a museum” mentality. I haven’t played any of the games, and I didn’t have any previous knowledge about what the games are like, so I expected that the new game would be a treasure-hunt. Just my best guess based on what I knew.
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Tomb Raider PAX 2012 Demo

Watch nearly 14 minutes of Square Enix’s Tomb Raider reboot demo at PAX, courtesy of GamesRadar. This footage is from an early stage in the game. Lara has to rely on her instincts to find shelter, hunt for food and survive the extreme weather conditions.

Tomb Raider is scheduled for release on March 5th, 2013 and it is looking fantastic. Stay tuned for more stories and gameplay footage here on

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Tomb Raider “Crossroads” Debut Gameplay Trailer

Here’s a gameplay trailer for the Tomb Raider reboot coming March 5th, 2013. I personally loved the older games and can’t wait to play this one!

A young Lara Croft has already proven herself to be a survivor, but one on the cusp of an extraordinary adventure. Caught in the clutches of an enigmatic island, Lara is captured by hostile natives and faced with a traumatic and character-defining decision. On this island, forces beyond her control leave Lara little alternative but to ruthlessly fight for her life.

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